Reading from Scratch, (RfS/EL) a program of science-based teaching techniques, now makes possible normal or better reading.

can't bright dyslectic people read well?

they are miswired to read with the wrong side of the brain. Only the left side can use phonics and keep sequences straight. (ART is not RAT). The dyslectic person relies on his right side which doesn't "do" phonics.

A bridge of tissue in the middle of the brain is out of whack. Reading material that ought to go left goes right as well and the two sides are out of sync. Phonics can cure dyslexia, but only if it is delivered to the correct place at the correct time. Think of penicillin. Yes, it will cure pneumonia, but not if you rub it on your arm. Reading from Scratch works because it provides the critical delivery system: words are sent to the correct area on time.

The previously dyslectic student can finally do academic work that reflects his ability instead of a reading problem.


The Reading from Scratch program, enabling a child to work happily at his intellectual level, can literally turn his life around.

To people who have struggled for years to teach dyslectic students, the improvements in reading levels shown on the Results link seem- well, unbelievable, to put it politely. The RfS/EL program has been so successful, we offer you a full, money-back guarantee!

Phonics lessons on CD-rom.

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Dorothy van den Honert just published a new book,
Wiping Out Dyslexia
, Musings from my Forty Years of Wiping.


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Follow the RfS/EL
program 5 times a week for a period of 2 months.

During this tutoring period, be sure the student uses the earplugs and/or I-Card at least 20 minutes during each lesson, as described in the material.

Email or phone us with problems or questions.

If, under those circumstances, we have not been able to help you, and your student has not made much faster progress than ever before, you may return the material for a full refund.



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