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We understand that patient out-of-pocket medical imaging expenses can be both confusing and expensive for those we serve. CMI encourages our patients to explore their outpatient medical imaging options. Listed below are some items to consider.

Technical fees vs. Professional fees

Outpatient medical imaging that is provided in a hospital setting typically involves two separate fees for a given imaging exam. Technical fees are associated with the performance of the medical imaging exam and Professional fees correspond to the Radiologist interpretation of the images. CMI utilizes a global fee structure and a single bill is presented for a given exam. If patients are to make informed choices they need to ask the medical imaging provider if the professional services or radiologist reporting is included in the quoted costs to the patient. Some facilities may also charge for copies of imaging records (digital images and the associated reports). CMI is happy to provide a CD containing this information to our patients and/or their referring physician at no additional charge.

Co-payments and deductibles for those who are insured

CMI understands that many health plans require patients to pay for a portion of their medical imaging exams out of pocket. This is commonly referred to as co-pay or co-insurance. Additionally, some plans require a high deductible allowance where patients are required to pay for many outpatient services out of pocket until an expense tier has been satisfied. This is driven and accounted for, entirely by the insurance plan. For this reason, CMI first submits claims to the insurance plans after your medical imaging exam has been provided and results have been given to your physician. The insurance plan examines your claims history and informs CMI as to what portion of the exam charges, if any, need to be billed to you the patient. CMI provides monthly interest-free payment plans up to 12 months in duration, to further minimize the financial impacts to our patients and their families.

Many insurance plans now offer website tools and telephone assistance to accurately provide patients with their outpatient medical imaging alternatives and the relative out-of-pocket expense that they could anticipate for a given exam. CMI encourages our insured patients to utilize these resources. We are confident that CMI provides the best value to the patients we serve.

Uninsured Discounts

CMI offers discounted exam pricing for those uninsured patients who must pay for their exam entirely out-of-pocket. Unlike many outpatient imaging centers, these discounts do not require the patient to pay for their exam in advance of service. Additionally, CMI is willing to set-up a monthly interest-free payment plan up to 12 months in duration, to further minimize the financial impacts to our patients and their families.

All of the cost savings flexibility attributes that are listed above do not compromise on the quality of our services. CMI is accredited by the American College of Radiology. Our Radiologists are board-certified by the American Board of Radiology, and most hold subspecialties, including neuroradiology, musculoskeletal imaging, abdominal imaging, women’s imaging and head and neck imaging.

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CMI embraces consumer advocacy and education in today’s marketplace. For those patients who wish to learn more, we recommend:

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