Durable, simple cryptocurrency storage and protection


You have Bitcoin or Ethereum or Litecoin. You're attracted to cryptocurrency because it is YOURS. Cryptography ensures that ONLY YOU, and no one else, has the secret to spend it. This is because of the SEED WORDS that encrypt your wallet. But if you can't keep your seed words safe from damage, you can't guarantee you'll keep your CRYPTO!!!


Will your cryptocurrency be safe in the event of fire, flood, or hurricane? What about damage caused by debris or collapse? SeedSteel stainless steel plates and tools preserve seed words for all major cryptocurrency wallets, so that your crypto can still be YOURS after catastrophic events and losses.

Passing On

What if something happens to you? Shouldn't your loved ones be able to recover their crypto-inheritance without having to be a techno-geek? SeedSteel simplifies durable seed word storage and recovery for all major cryptocurrency wallets.

Seed Words