What Magnus Olsson's blood test reveals.
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September 14, 2016
Greetings, all.
We had a great conference call Monday night as we discussed first, various types of radiofrequency (RF) detection devices and then a very important discussion about Magnus Olsson's blood test and its significance for our community. 
I also feel I should point out that during this call my speech was under attack; something the perpetrators have started doing lately which some have incorrectly presumed to be mental illness.  I would urge you all to be aware of this tactic and to not succumb to this false impression that the perps are trying to convey.  I am dealing with that as best I can.  It is a smoke-and-mirrors routine from the perps that occurs during conference calls. 
For the past few weeks, some of us have been venturing forth and making doctor visits to get blood tests which could show electromagnetic radiation exposure.  Those efforts thus far had been in various stages of fruition - until now. 
On Monday, Magnus Olsson revealed on his facebook page, a picture of his recent blood test which I am publishing here. 
At left is a picture of healthy red blood cells.  At right is a picture of Magnus Olsson's red blood cells.
Healthy Red Blood Cells
Notice how round and smooth the cells are which provides for an easy flow of blood and nutrients throughout this person's system.
Magnus Olsson's Red Blood Cells with Crystal Structure
This picture shows how Magnus' red blood cells are clumped together due to the presence of microwave radiation which impedes circulation and therefore inhibits the flow of oxygen and nutrients to his system.  There is even a clear, crystaline-like structure which further impedes circulation.
A similar scenario was posted in our newsletter a few weeks ago in a video showing red blood cell damage to 3 volunteers after standing for 2 minutes at a distance of 1 foot from a smart meter.  The subject on the far right shows red blood cell clumping similar to Magnus' cells. 
Magnus' list of symptoms from his facebook page:
  • "makes my blood, not circulate in a natural manner ( blood is too dense )
  • damage DNA
  • Influence memory ( lack of memory )
  • you can not walk normally nor run
  • destroy your skin ( you may have albinism )
  • having a hard time sleeping
  • easy access to the brain
  • lack of oxygen"
The above are some symptoms of microwave/RF radiation exposure.  Some others include: 
  • insomnia and other sleep disturbances
  • headaches
  • swollen lymph nodes
  • anxiety
  • loss of appetite
  • hypoxia (lack of oxygen getting to your tissues)
  • weakened immune system
  • allergies
  • frequent urination
  • night sweat
  • inability to concentrate
  • forgetfulness
  • fatigue
  • dizziness
  • vision problems
  • dry eyes
  • inflammation
  • depression
  • irritability
  • nausea
  • hyperactivity
  • extreme thirst
What this means for our community...
What this means for us is a reliable and easily-affordable source of evidence that would potentially be even more signifcant than RF device readings, since blood tests are much more readily understood and more widely accepted than RF device analyses.  For example, blood test results would likely be undisputed in a court of law whereas RF claims may come under scrutiny.
If we can gather enough similar reports in our community - such as in the hundreds - hopefully, this evidence would tremendously substantiate our claims of microwave/RF attacks. 
Once presented to officials, the question that immediately follows is 'where is the source'? That is where the RF devices can provide key supporting evidence in terms of signal direction-finding which may lead to the apprehension and prosecution of the perpetrators. 
With blood tests and RF device readings as evidence in hand, we will present a much stronger case to our city coucilmembers concerning injurious attacks from neighbors or persons in the community.  There is even one city that has expressed its willingness to take action in terms of arrests if presented with definitive proof of microwave assaults. 
Blood Test Campaign
Therefore, we are urging as many as possible, particularly those who are severely targeted, to do as Magnus did and get a blood test.  Just a sample droplet from the fingertip which can be collected and  then examined under a microscope is all that's needed.
You may need to explain to your doctor, particularly if you are exhibiting any of the symptoms mentioned above, that you feel that you may be exposed to excessive electromagnetic radiation from your environment (which most of us may have due to computers, TV monitors, radios, and other electrical appliances) and you would like a blood test that shows any sign of red blood cell damage. If you could also get a photograph of your sample as Magnus did, that would be priceless.  
We would like to compare our results and if many of us are showing what Magnus Olsson's test has revealed, we will then have significant evidence of our claims of microwave attacks, which we could then show in court, to city councilmembers, or to disbelieving family or friends. 
Guys, these are major, major developments in our activism and incredibly good news!  We are continually making great progress!  THE INVISIBLE CRIME IS FINALLY BECOMING MORE VISIBLE!
We will speaking more of these and other developments in the coming weeks...
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