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The Celts

Celts (Usborne Beginners) by Leonie Pratt This is a very refreshing book aimed at the younger reader up to about 7 years old. The Celts is beautifully produced by Usbourne and English Heritage. I recommend the hard back version as it will get plenty of use. What undoubtably makes this book appeal to the younger reader is the accompaniment of excellent cartoon style pictures. These really capture the colourful nature of Celtic life and warfare and make it accessible to young minds. The illustrations kept the attention of my four year old son and he asked lots of questions about them which led to us reading the text. It is packed with simple statements, about the Celts, which a beginner needs to know. The format is simple and uncluttered and the photographs which are included are well chosen and more obvious because they only appear on every other page. I think that this is the sort of book which will turn a younger child onto history. This is the most popular book sold on this website and it is my son's favourite too! History book review: Nigel Cross

The Celts $3.99
Boudicca (Famous People, Famous Lives) by Emma Fischel 

This book provides a good introduction for younger children (K.S.2) learning about Boudicca and her tribes revolt against the Romans. It is one of the best selling books on our website.

The text is at the right level for children up to about eight years old. The information presented in the book is enough to tell the basic story. It's told in the style of a story and the author puts words in the mouths of Boudicca, her subjects and the Romans. The Roman writer Tacitus told the story in a similar style. This does add drama to the story but as these speeches are in quotation marks please explain to children reading this book that we don't really know what she actually said.

There are appropriate illustrations on every page. These are in the style of the front cover but they are all line drawings with no colour. Each page has the equivalent of a paragraph of text and the book has 48 pages.

History book review: Nigel Cross 12/11/07


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