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rds4disclosurebadgeDisclosure policy – your right to transparency

We value transparency and ethics in nutrition writing and reporting. We are a signatory to RDs4Disclosure and have pledged to blog with integrity. The news, reviews and recommendations you read here are independent unless clearly declared. You have the right to know if any ‘freebies’ including product samples have been provided to the writer of a post. To the best of our knowledge we will also clearly declare any commercial interests by writers or guests. And if any (lucky) featured products or programs benefit from the nutrition consulting services of Scoop Nutrition…we will sing it loud and proud for all to hear. Any questions or concerns please Contact us.


Comment policy – our right to change the freedom of speech

We love and value your comments. And hope you let loose with your questions, honest feedback and nutrition views. But we do ask you to keep it nice. If you wouldn’t say it to (or infront of) your grandma, doctor or ex-teacher, don’t say it here. Or look out.


Medical advice policy – your right to a second opinion

The information on this site while prepared and edited by expert Accredited Practising Dietitians is of a general nature. It is not intended to replace the personalised care of your health professional team. Also please appreciate that nutrition is a fast changing science that is constantly outdated. Even with regular updating, archived posts may not always contain the latest and greatest guidelines. We hope you appreciate that personal nutrition advice can not be provided and encourage you to have regular health professional visits. Even if it’s just for a yearly tune up. You can search here for Australian Accredited Practising Dietitians by locality and speciality.


Reproduction policy – our right to our stuff

All content on this site is original and copyright of Emma Stirling and The Scoop on Nutrition. All rights reserved. We love your use of excerpts of posts with links back to If you are tempted to cut and paste a whole post and pass it off as your own, just don’t. But if you’d like to discuss reproduction or use for your school assisgnment, you will find us very obliging. Just Contact us and see.

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