Bloodhound complains to Swedish TV over misrepresentation of Hind helicopter gunship outside Lundin's oilbase in Sudan


7th July 2011.


Following the screening on Swedish TV during July 2011 of a documentary on South Sudan titled 'Världens Nyaste Land', Bloodhound has written a formal complaint to the Swedish Broadcasting Authority over the serious misrepresentation of facts. An attack helicopter gunship parked outside Lundin's headquarters at Rubkona was made out to belong to a militia group, thereby deflecting the responsibility of the Government of Sudan for the deployment of attack helicopters to clear the oilfields of their local inhabitants. Satellite images analysed by Prins Engineering on behalf of ECOS demonstrate that 160,000 people were driven off their land in Lundin's Block 5a concession alone. Many more were undoubtedly displaced from the neighbouring Arakis and later Talisman concessions.


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