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Old Habits

  • 10 Jun 14

This is the first truly well-shot video of one of my live performances. “Old Habits” is currently my only song that doesn’t use looping. As I edited the video, I added some extra musical parts. The vocals and arpeggiated VL-1 synthesizer line are live, whereas the string orchestra, music box, and thundering near the end I added in-studio. The song is not (yet) released as an audio recording, but I hope it will endear itself to your ears as you watch this video.

Old habits die hard
At least that’s what they say
But still somehow I’ve lost you
To the clutches of our yesterday
But dying hard’s still dying
And if the truth is to be told
Although I swear I’m trying
I think I too am getting old

Wait for the light to shine on you…

It’s too hard to know you’ve left me
So I make things up instead
When I don’t pretend you’re still with me
I talk as if you’re dead
And I guess some things are fleeting
But I don’t want us to be
My love for you is still beating
I just wish yours was for me

Wait for the light to shine on you…