CityTree in London Piccadilly Circus

CityTree could save thousands of lives

London recently welcomed its first CityTree, a pioneering piece of innovation set to clean up the city’s air. It’s no secret we live in a busy world, but our increasing demands on the environment are causing dangerous levels of pollution. And, with the human race so deeply connected with technology, we are becoming increasingly disconnected with the environment. This shift in lifestyle is having a huge effect on our health and well being, but there is a solution. Evergen and

Air Pollution

Air Pollution Problem Set To Kill Thousands

Statistics report that air pollution is at a record high, claiming the lives of over 50,000 UK residents each year. More specifically, over 9,000 Londoners are dying prematurely each year as a result of toxic air. Furthermore, MP’s have declared UK air pollution as a Public health emergency, insisting drastic improvements need to be made. Air pollution is reaching crisis point, and is responsible for more deaths in Britain than most of our European neighbours. We look at the main

Newcastle City Tree in The Haymarket

The Newcastle Moss Tree

Northumbrian Water is committed to protecting and enhancing the environment, so has installed this Moss Tree for the benefit of North East communities and to move towards it’s target of carbon neutrality. The idea for the Moss Tree came about as part of the first ever Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival in 2017, where we joined with Ordnance Survey and other partners to explore the subject of ‘How Green Is Your City’. To find out more, please visit Lessons learned

London CityTree in Piccadilly Circus

London to benefit from pollution devouring moss tree

Revolutionary ‘Living wall’ moss technology has the air purifying capability of 275 natural trees and can reduce air pollution by up to 30% within a 50m radius Installed for the Crown Estate by sole UK supplier Evergen Systems, the first ‘CityTree’ in London is located on Glasshouse Street About 9,000 Londoners and 50,000 Britons die prematurely each year from respiratory, cardiovascular and other illnesses associated with pollutants such as NO2, particulate matter (PM) and ozone London’s toxic air is to benefit from

City Tree Aberdeen

Futuristic ‘trees’ could be breath of fresh air for city

The City Tree is a four- metre tall panel of moss and greenery which can filter out pollutants, such as nitrogen oxide from vehicle emissions, to help improve air quality. Designed by German firm Green City Solutions, each unit acts as the equivalent of 275 trees, removing around 240 tonnes of carbon each year. Hi-tech “trees” could be installed across Aberdeen to help rid the city of pollution. The technology, which costs around £20,000 per installation, can also offer a quiet place to