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General Information
Some facts about the workshop
The number of participants in a typical Fly Your Mind workshop is 8. The trainings are delivered by two trainers and an assistant at the same time. Delivering the training to 8 participants with 2 trainers have advantages such as keeping closer contact with our trainees, more time we can devote for communicating with them, better managing the energy of the class.

Depending on the content of the workshop, the length of our trainings vary between half-a-day and three days. Before deciding on the content to be delivered, we prefer having a meeting with your company to hear more about you and to discuss what kind of a training is mostly needed for your employees. After this meeting we offer you a content; and once agreed we decide time, place and other conditions of the training together with you.

For more information about the flow of the workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Flying Scenarios Available
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Our participants practice several scenarios in the 737 cockpit during our workshops.

Depending on the content and topic of the workshop, scenarios such as taking-off, cruising and even landing are practiced in the cockpit. 

For more information about the flow and the flying scenarios of the training, please contact us.
How can a passenger plane cockpit be related with 
business world problems?
The principles, processes, and rules used in aviation sector might be inspiring ideas for other sectors. These and more have made airlines the safest way of transportation in the World. We frequently discuss these in a typical Fly Your Mind Workshop.