Guy’s Head (Profile)

This is an original post by The Animaster in 2003

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to draw the side view of a guy’s head.
Draw the nose. Make it pretty much straight like so, ending with a short, straight line.
Draw the mouth. The mouth is made of small, zigzagging lines to make up the lips. Be sure you don’t overdo yourself, or you’ll be giving your anime character three lips instead of just two!
Draw the chin. Start with a line going down from the lips, but near the bottom, make the line curve a bit forward, then curve it back, forming the chin. End it with three more line segments, angling up.
Draw the ear. This is a simple thing to do, but practice putting it in the right place. Usually, the ear should end with a line pointing parallel to the jaw line you just drew earlier.
Draw the eyes. Or in this case, one eye. Start by drawing the upper eye line, then the lower eye line. Draw the eye, which, in this view, is a narrow elipse. Afterwards, add the eyebrow.
Draw the hair… or half of it at least. Draw only the portion dividing the face from the upper part of the head.
Draw the head line. This will help you position where you’ll draw the rest of the hair. End the head line with a line pointing parallel to the jaw line.
Finish the hair. Now you can continue drawing the rest of the hair, following the head line.
Draw the neck. Here, the first neck line is drawn, followed by the collar bone line, and the throat line. Then the rest of the neck line, including the shoulder is drawn. When you’re finished, you can start drawing the rest of the body.

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