Comic Shading

Guest Post by Dalarminus


Ok.  Set down your base tone for the skin
color as I have explained before in my cell shading technique tutorial.
As mentioned before in my other tutorial, cut
out a section you want your shadows to appear.Now grab your brush tool and make a shadow using a slightly darker
color than your base tone–fill in the area and make sure you have a
soft-tipped brush.  Here is what the professionals don’t want you to
know:  just go back over your shadow again, but don’t fill it
entirely; just up to the edge where the lightest color should be.

Just do it over and over, going smaller with each stroke of your brush,
creating smaller shadows in your selected area of shadow.

Now go through and add more shades using the
same technique as before.  The highlights use the same technique as
the cell tutorial.  Select a highlighted area and go through and fill
in the area over and over making smaller and smaller strokes.  Make
it brighter and brighter, as we near the light’s source.There now, we have comic tones!  Easy huh?!

Also, smudge or blur to blend those colors!!


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