Girls Body (Profile)

This is an original post by The Animaster in 2003

Here’s the second part of How To Draw: A Girl’s Body. Side View. As before, we have to draw the ‘guidelines’ so beginners can easily do the steps. So I hope no one adds anything discriminating to what they’ll be doing here. To get started, it’s important that you toggle your web browser to fit the picture on the left to your screen.
After drawing the side view of the head, start drawing the breasts. Well, in this case, the breast. Since this is a side view, I guess one will do. Start it with a slightly curved line, which rounds toward the end and curves nicely, back inwards.
Draw the body… the front part only at this stage. Use a curved line, curving inwards. Then, Use another curved line for the lower abdomen and part of the leg. Make this line curve slightly outwards and back in to a very slight curved line going down.
Draw an arm. Start with the shoulders: draw a steadily curved line, and add another, relatively straight line that ends around the waist line. The waist line should be the area level to the intersection of the two lines you drew before for the front body area. Draw the other lines to form the arm. Be sure that you have the elbow placed near the waist line.

The length of the lower part of the arm should end near the mid section of the upper leg (which, by practice, you should try to envision), else, just make it the same length as the upper arm.

Afterwards, you may draw the fist or hand. Here, I just draw a sort of circle, flat where the thumb area is.

Draw the pack area of the body. First, draw a slanting line inward. Start it under the shoulder, notice that if you extend the neck line, the two lines would meet up nicely. the reason is because this line is actually an extension of the neck line. If you removed the arms, you would see why. The neck line extends a bit more, then curves back inside like so. In doing so, it creates some sort of a ‘hump’ (but that’s the way it is). However, this ‘hump’ is always concealed because of the arms.

The second line forms the waist area. The thickness of this area, in anime anatomy, is about 1 and 1/2 the thickness of the neck, drawn at this view.

Draw the bottoms. Probably one of the cutest areas of an anime girl (aside from the bumper, of course). Notice that the peak of this curve should, as much as possible, match the peak of the breasts, so you have more or less the same distance from her buttom to her thigh as you would from her back to the peak of her breasts. Also take note that this whole part you’re drawing is more or less as large as her upper torso.
Continue with a leg. Start by extending the thigh lines. Then draw the back lines of the leg. Remember folks, I’m not good at this yet, and I’m only assuming these lines based on experience and practice. If you have a better way or more knowledge of drawing legs, apply them now. But as of now, all I know is that the front of the leg is more or less straight until the knee, but then it goes on in a line parallel to the upper leg line.

The back, however, is different. A slanting line that gradually (or sometimes adruptly… you can vary the style) breaks off into a curve that tapers at near end. Well, here, since the girl’s leg is back a little, the line for the back of the upper leg is almost straight down, while the front upper portion is slanted.

Draw the other leg. Even at side view, you can see something of the other leg. Actually, in side views, you can sometimes see something of everything on the other side, for example, the other breast, but here we got a particularly different situation. Although at this stage, you might feel the need to draw the other breast, to match both legs… if you do, you might need to erase the previous lines you made for the breasts.
Draw the feet and finish the rest. Well, draw the feet first. If you’re planning on putting on clothes for the girl, then you don’t need to make the feet so elaborate. These simple shapes do well enough, and even if you do want to draw toes and all, you can do that later. For now, draw an outline for the feet, and start erasing all the overlapping lines that you wouldn’t want to show.
Add clothes. First draw the outlines for the clothes. This anime girl is a bit conservative, so she’s wearing pretty lose clothing… it doesn’t show her figure much (makes you wonder why you went through the painstaking process of drawing her good figure in the first place!), but just incase, you’ll never know when you’ll want to draw on skimpy, tight fitting outfits.

After you’re through with the outlines, you may erase the body lines ‘underneath’ the clothing.


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