This was a guest post by Shannon Clarke


Step 1: To the right is a sample drawing which
a friend asked me to redesign and now I’ve decided to take the opportunity to offer the
long-awaited mecha tutorial to all interested.
Analysing the image, it’s possible to note that it’s in “chibi-form” with the
large head and all. This is not a problem normally but as it is supposed to be a
combat-oriented mecha then it would make the design very clumsy…imagine falling over
because your head was too big…

The important thing to note however is that it doesn’t look that much like a robot/mecha
than it does a man in a suit. It more resembles an armour and this is because of the
humanoid shape desired for the design but there is a way around it.

Step 2 : Refering back to the figure tutorial (Off
site) you’ll notice that the mannequin to the right has an extended waist section which
spans the foot distance to somewhat wider( or as wide as ) the shoulder-distance. To
ensure mistakes aren’t made to revert back to the human mannequin, an upside-down trident
is placed in the waist area. This is also practical as a mecha would need a stable stance
and also a lower centre of gravity due to the weapons and equipment it may be required to
carry. The mannequin complete (again using simple shapes) and the basic dimensions of the
suit kept; let’s move on…
Step 3: Extrapolating at this step as usual.
Adding in the design made for this suit, I’ve changed it somewhat to make it look less
like a suit and more like a mecha. Perhaps this could be an uplink suit but if its human
sized or near to that size and is supposed to be manned I don’t think the wearer could be
completely human…most likely cyborg due to the cannons in the arms which I’ve lightly
sketched in. I’ll explain in the next step.
Important to note is the waist section is awfully thin and seems exposed. Though the
segmented appearance of it and the torso will allow for a wide range of motion similar to
that offered to a human, it doesn’t look sturdy enough. I’ll make it “sturdier”
looking as I add in the rest of the mecha for the next and final step.
Step 4: Finally, I’ve added in everything and
also some detail. Adding detail may need a step 5 but actually it’s all up to how
technical your mind is and how you think so you avoid just putting masses of squiggles and
lines to try to alude to a technical design. With the arms, since these seem to house beam
cannons due to the smoke emitting from them in the original drawing, I’ve added access
panels(for maintenance), heat vents to disallow overheating and also I’m thinking the
slots in the shoulders should also allow for extra discharge since they seem aptly
positioned for the task. Due to these additions, the arms would have to house the
machinery for this weapon since I’ve decided to add in a barrel in the palms of the mecha
for easier positioning and targetting.
The only addition besides those mentioned are thrusters in the feet to aid in any jumping
or even running that this mecha will have to do during combat. Look below for a larger
image of this step and notice the gun barrel imbedded within the palm and also the vents
and access panels along the arms.
Shannon Clarke is now hyperventilating and
frothing at the mouth while screaming: “More mecha!!”


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