We are thinking
outside the barn.






We are thinking
outside the barn.

brown leghorn standing near three egs

Back in the day…

…when I would go for car rides with my grandpa on the gravel roads of the Canadian prairies. He would point out to abandoned yards where so and so used to live and where their farm used to be. I always had a sort of sadness and a deepening question on why they were not there anymore?

It was only later on that I understood that the reason they left was because of how hard and repetitive the farm work really was. It took a certain kind of tenacity to keep going through the hardships of mother nature. Even though the life on the farm was great and relaxing farmers were unable to pay bills – and therefore they moved towards where the work was, the city.

Today, UKKÖ Robotics is developing a new autonomous barn design that will allow never seen before flexibility to farmers (or want to be farmers) around the globe. Allowing individuals to raise their animals on pasture while having the same benefits as today’s most high tech barns. Giving them peace of mind and time to do what they want to do. We are on a mission to bring back the homegrown to everyone and to keep the family farm alive for generations to come.

-Daniel Badiou, CEO, Founding Partner

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