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Welcome to THE portal for Free and Open Source software for your HP3000!

HP3000 - 
 Some things are just built to last.* No more trying to figure out what runs on MPE/iX,

* No more worrying about where to find it, and

* No more worrying about "Is it still available?"

Welcome to the ONLY site dedicated to being your one-stop shop for all available Open Source packages ported to the platform,  lots of freeware programs and scripting, and loads of tools and information to keep your 3000 system alive and thriving! 

We believe in protecting the investment in your systems - by ensuring that the software and documentation necessary for it's continued use is available, complete, and current. 

We're working hard to ensure that the expertise developed on the 3000 platform over the years is preserved, and passed on. 

Some things really are designed and built to last, and we're here to help make sure your trusty 3000 lives up to it's potential - for as long as you want it to!

Please forward any suggestions, requests for content, or any infomation on updates, corrections, or dead links to:    Thanks!

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30-Oct-2011 at 11:49P

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   Added bio for new contributor - Keven Miller
   Prep'ing several of his contributions to go online.


   Sidebar updates
   Various html corrections


   Added Amazon Affiliate notice on 'About this Site' page
   Added first of many 'Additional Resource' side-bar links to relevant technical books, etc - where applicable via Amazon Affiliate account.


   Added links page for HP's 'Samba 3.0.22 Porting White Paper' to Papers on Porting menu
   Added 'Manuals and Other Docs' menu to Porting Helps menu
   Added links page for HP's MPE/iX Core Manual Sets for v6.x and v7.x to Manuals and Other Doc menu
   Added links page for Jon Diercks "MPE/iX System Administration Handbook" to Manuals and Other Doc menu

   Updated Lars Appel's bio page

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