What to do and see in Bergen?

In the period 25. May to 8. June, Bergen is "boiling" with cultural activities! In this period two large festivals take place:

"Festspillene" with more than 300 events (classical music, exhibitions, theatre, dance etc) and

"NATTJAZZ" (Night Jazz) with appr. 60 concerts.
They both present top international musicians and artists.

Also, there are exhibitions in the city museums and galleries.

What to do if I have two hours to spend?

Most of the museums are situated within ten minutes′ walk from any of the hotels and also the venue. Recommendations:

You will have time for a trip to the Fløyen mountain by the funicular, which is awesome on a clear day, you can see all the way out to the North sea.

A charming "mini cruise" (4 minutes) with the miniature ferry "BEFFEN" across the harbour is also to be recommended if you want "the feeling of Bergen".

Last but not least, just a walk along the Bryggen, Nordnes and around the city centre is an affordable way to enjoy the city and feel the atmosphere. Treat yourself with a coffee and "skillingsbolle" from the bakery or buy a snack at the fish market and just look at the people walking by.

What to do if you have a day?

There are several daytrips to recommend and we will present a few here:

This is not in any way the complete list, if you want to find more options: Visit Bergen

If you plan to travel around in Norway while you are here: Visit Norway

Hope you will have a stay to rememeber.