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What's Hench?

Hench means you’re SERIOUSLY muscly or you’re in SERIOUSLY good shape. Hench means you’re lean, you’re toned, you’ve got definition to die for. It means you’ve got SERIOUS cardio – you can go through an entire spin class without gassing, you can go through your boot camp class and NOT pass out, you can swim for miles, you can row for miles, you can run till the cows come home.

Hench means bench pressing 4 plates for you is possible. It means doing a hundred press ups in one go for you is doable. Hench means taking you stamina to ridiculous heights is achievable ...Ladies, hench for you means going through that killer aerobics class is a piece of cake, (while others need a paramedic)...

Basically, Hench means whatever your reason for training, whatever arena you’re in, you’re phenomenal at it (or you're pushing yourself to be phenomenal at it).

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