Pay and changes in your life

This section gives employees serviced by the Public Service Pay Centre general information and guidance on how to navigate various pay processes related to common life events. No matter what the event, it’s important that you understand your options and responsibilities to avoid a disruption to your pay or benefits.

Disclaimer: Pay and changes in your life

Note: Your terms and conditions of employment and collective agreement are your two main sources of pay-related information. If the content in this section conflicts with either of these documents, the terms and conditions or collective agreement must take precedence.

Services and information

New to the public service

What you need to know about your pay, employment status and terms and conditions

Taking leave

How your public service collective agreement and employment terms may affect your common leave requests

Maternity and parental leave

As a public servant, you may be eligible to take unpaid leave to care for a newborn or adopted child

Becoming a parent

Your options and responsibilities as a public servant when you have a child or a new dependent


Effects of long or permanent absences from the public service due to illness or disability

Terminating employment

Your potential benefits, options and responsibilities when you retire or resign from the public service

Work Force Adjustment

Your options and responsibilities when leaving the public service following a workforce adjustment

Getting married or reaching common-law status

Whom to notify and how a change in your marital status may affect your public service pension and benefits

Leaving the public service

Finalize your pay account, claim benefits, EI and more if you retire voluntarily or due to a disability

When death occurs

What happens if you or a relation dies while you are employed in the public service

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Changing your employment

Effects on your pay and benefits if you change your hours, status, department, union or position

Changing your personal information

Whom to notify to ensure that your pay and benefits are unaffected if you change your address or legal name

Divorce or separation

Your options and responsibilities as a public servant when you divorce or separate

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