About Us
EKOTARIM LTD.; is a specialized company that offers
 integrated solutions to our farmers. Electric fence is 
GALLAGHER GROUP Turkey distributor of animal 
management and control. It establishes electric fence for 
animal control in public and private farms, weighing and 
electronic identification systems (EID) for animal management
 in our country and in the countries of the region. It also 
supplies high-breeding sheep free of milk and meat from
 diseases from New Zealand and Australia to public and 
private animal husbandry businesses.

EKOTARIM LTD.; in animal management and control, 
with the awareness of providing services with the leading 
organizations of the sector, we are making great efforts 
to reflect the quality of goods and services of our 
business partners to our farmers.
The Gallagher Difference
GALLAGHER Electro fence Systems are EFFICIENT; 
because they give animals permanent training. 
The animals which are supposed to stay in, 
stay in and the animals which are supposed to stay out, stay out.

GALLAGHER Electro fence Systems are ECONOMICAL; 
because they prevent big economic loses by little investment. 
They also minimize labor costs.

GALLAGHER Electro fence Systems are PRACTICAL; 
because they are easy to install. 
Portable types can be dismantled, moved and installed again.

GALLAGHER Electro fence Systems are GREEN; 
because poisoning animals becomes unnecessary. 
In addition , they contribute to pollination by making 
life easier for beekeepers and, hence, encouraging 
beekeeping activities in the countryside.

GALLAGHER Electro fence Systems are HUMANE; 
because wild animals are not killed, but learn their boundaries. 
Wild life continues in its natural course.



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