Lean Consultancy


With broad experience in Lean, we use the skills of accredited coaches to guide your organisation. Some of the topics we can work with you include:

  • Blue Sky Vision, leading to 
  • Business Plan Deployment and Hoshin Kanri
  • Lean Project Management and Master Scheduling
  • Lean Logistics and Packaging
  • Toyota 3P Process (Production Preparation Process)
  • New Product Introduction readiness
  • Value Stream Mapping / Process Mapping
  • Performance Management


  • 5S and Visual Management (Oobeya and Information Centres)
  • Standardised Work
  • Building-in Quality, Gaining Control of Processes
  • Jidoka / Autonomation / Error Proofing
  • Lean Layout (cells through to entire facilities)
  • Total Preventive Maintenance and Asset Care
  • Sustainment Systems