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For commercial contracts we'll cover anywhere in the UK
From TV studios, to oil rigs, get in touch to consult with us for any sound proofing or insulating jobs.

Noise Problems? We Can Design a Solution For You!

Office Sound Proofing

Need to sound proof your office? We can sound proof the ceilings, walls, or floors, to your specification. Ensure that your meetings are never interrupted again!

TV/Film Studio

Noise interrupting your recording? We have a proven track record of providing bespoke solutions for your space to ensure you are never disturbed again.

Oil and Gas Industy

Need sound proofing or electrical insulation? We can design and install a solution, no matter where you are, even if it is out at sea.


We are highly experienced and have worked for many commercial partners. From sound proofing offices, to TV studios, to providing electrical insulation for oil rigs, we are proud of the quality of our work.

Please look at examples of our commercial work below:



Our commercial work is always performed to the exacting standards demanded by our clients and as such, we have no standard specifications for the work as we aim to fulfil your unique requirements. Instead, please look at our previous work discussed on these pages, or get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

We offer complete sound proofing, electrical insulation, and a range of other services and will advise and consult with you to design a custom solution to your problem. If you are interesting in discussing your needs with us, please get in touch and we can tailor a solution to your problem.


We are proud to serve a wide variety of commercial clients such as:

  • Sky Atlantic, TV studio for the programme Fortitude
  • TV Studios Benghazi, Libya
  • Mercy Corps, European HQ, Edinburgh
  • Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh
  • Womans Aid, Dundee
  • Thistle Foundation
  • Russian Embassy, Edinburgh
  • Rosevale Tavern, Glasgow
  • Auld Hoose, Public House, Kirkcaldy
  • And many, many more...

But don't just listen to us, both our commercial and domestic clients consistently praise our work:

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