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Revive the San Joaquin & Earth Day in North Fork

Revive Booth at North Fork Earth Day

Revive the San Joaquin participated in several Earth Day events during the week of Earth Day, April 22, 2009. One of them was public outreach at the North Fork Earth Day celebration in North Fork. Preston Van Camp, representing Revive the San Joaquin, set up a booth at the Event and talked to people about the San Joaquin River restoration efforts, water infrastructure, and water quality. Preston also let people know about Revive's upcoming Dam Diner event on May 16, 2009. For more information on the Dam Diner event visit this page:

Water won't erase Valley's recession

Jeffrey Michael wrote an opinion piece in the Fresno Bee today and made some really good points. The 40% unemployment data used to point to Mendota's unemployment was taken from the 2000 census - when water availability was plentiful. This points to the lack of correlation to water = jobs in Eastern Fresno County. Read the editorial here: JEFFREY MICHAEL: Water won't erase Valley's recession Published online on Tuesday, May. 05, 2009 By Jeffrey Michael What is causing unemployment in the San Joaquin Valley?

Using Tulare Lake for Water Storage

Lewis Griswold published a column in the Fresno Bee outlining a proposal using the Tulare Lake area for water storage instead of the Temperance Flat Dam.

The San Joaquin Valley Leadership Forum has published a plan to use the Tulare Lake Basin for water storage. Read all about it here:

The text of the Fresno Bee column by Lewis Griswold is here:

Water crisis demands attention now

State leaders must forge effective compromises to serve people of California.

Friday, Feb. 27, 2009

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Rio Mesa's 'litigation magnet'

Madera County plans in a vacuum, to the detriment of the entire region.
Sunday, Feb. 15, 2009 - Editorial in Fresno Bee

In the eyes of its developers and their supporters, the Rio Mesa area in southeast Madera County will one day be a sparkling new community of upscale homes and comfortable suburban living. In the eyes of its detractors, Rio Mesa is like watching an accident about to happen, and being too far away to help.

Dredge mining threatens salmon and other fish

An editorial appeared in the Fresno Bee today highlighting the dangers of dredge mining in California’s rivers and the environmental harm it causes along with harm to jobs and the economy.

Dredge mining in rivers does several harmful things: 1) It mixes up and returns potentially toxic material to the river flow. (Many rivers in California have mercury from gold mining in the 1800’s that have been embedded deeper into the sediment.) 2) The murky sediment returned to the rivers from the dredging makes swimming hazardous and unhealthy. 3) The disturbance of the river bottom also disturbs fish laying eggs. In particular salmon which lays eggs in the gravel bottom and young lamprey that can reside in gravel for up to seven years before maturing.

In a bleak new year, a source of hope exists

In the Valley, we must rely upon ourselves to make things better.

Water agencies need answers before they start pointing fingers

Cooperation in research should come before fighting.

Letter to the Editor: Edwin F. Sullivan

The Dec. 16 article by Michael Doyle on restoring the San JoaquinRiver contains a brief but good summary of the current situation. Based on my 40 years of experience in water projects, including 10 years in charge of Friant Dam, I offer the following suggestions for an orderly procedure, which will begin to produce immediate benefits and be less costly in the long run, because the final decisions can be made on observed facts:

Watch streaming video of the Feb 4 debate on water issues at Fresno State, moderated by U.S District Judge Oliver Wanger.

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