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Revive the San Joaquin is a grassroots non-profit organization committed to the successful restoration of the San Joaquin River and the conservation of its natural resources.

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California is facing a rapid decline in wild salmon populations, the Delta estuary is overtaxed and collapsing, flood dangers threaten homes and agriculture, and our current water management system doesn’t seem to be sustainable or effective in solving these problems on the scale necessary for a rebound. Projects emerging from the San Joaquin Valley may present the most significant opportunities for large-scale improvements in Delta ecosystem health and the renewal of lost wildlife habitat. 

Mission: To promote a collective stewardship that sustains the economic, environmental, and recreational benefits of a healthy San Joaquin River, including adequate flows, habitat, and native fisheries.
The mission statement of RSJ provides members and partners with a unified vision for cooperative efforts to revive the San Joaquin River.
Goals –
RSJ has developed a list of five primary organizational goals that will guide decision-making and define organizational work products.
Goal 1. Promote stewardship and balanced management of the San Joaquin River that supports both restoration and economic activities related to the river.
Goal 2. Conserve and enhance the wildlife habitat and scenic values of the San Joaquin River and work toward restoration of the historic salmon fishery.
Goal 3. Promote the San Joaquin River as a vital source of clean drinking water and ground water recharge.
Goal 4. Raise public awareness about the importance of the San Joaquin River and the compatibility of restoration and a strong farming economy.
Goal 5. Encourage river recreation activities compatible with protection of wildlife.

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