About Us Tanzania Bora Initiative are collaborative efforts of Tanzanian individuals who share common objectives of development in social, political and economic aspects. The initiative is inspired and driven by the zeal of seeing an engaged, accountable, and responsible society, where every citizen has responsibility and a role to play in bringing about sustainable development, as well as emphasizing accountability by leaders at all levels. The term "Bora" is a Kiswahili word for "Better" Hence, it is from this premise that the Initiative envisages to contribute towards building a peaceful and democratic Society which embrace and uphold principles of democracy, accountability, transparency, human rights, participation and equality of all people in all forms. Tanzania Bora Initiative strives to see a better Tanzania with better Governance and Leadership, better and meaningful Civic participation, better Social Services, better economy and better wellbeing of the Citizens.
Our vision
To see a peaceful, responsible, accountable and transparent society in which citizens are informed of their civic rights and actively engaged in social, political and economic development.
Our mission
To promote a democratic culture in Tanzania, by encouraging good governance practices among the leaders and Citizen, Youth and Women in particular, via media and arts.
Our Values
Beam with Superbness We aim to deliver the highest quality of skills and competences, products and services; via creativity and innovation we seek to endlessly grow
Inspire leadership We lead by example through action and results; we are full responsibile in building a generation of young leaders
Demonstrate Integrity Consistency and transparency sits right at the centre of our decisions and actions. We conduct ourselves in professional and ethical manner. We fulfil our commitments and conduct ourselves in a way that is true to our vision
Encourage innovation We work in dynamic and friendly environments; we aspire to inspire active and enthusiastic participation of our members and partners
Respect for Diversity We seek to learn from the different ways of life and opinions represented; we respect and actively encourage the contribution of every individual.
State of the art We support art interventions, we influence incorporation of education and entartainement to make our work both artisitic and educative, we embrace creativity and encourage fun.
What we do Through Media and Arts, Tanzania Bora Initiative engages the Tanzania community, specifically youth, in providing civic educational programs and projects based on effective leadership, democracy and accountability, good governance, Human rights and development issues. We do so to inspire and support community initiatives toward attainment of sustainable development through awareness rising and capacity building , and we do so through policy discussion, Media, trainings, dialogues, seminars and workshops.
Our Projects
Our partners
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