Kits & Mono-cartons

When you need to ensure that your products stand out from your competitors offerings, when you want your customers to remember your brand as a result of a well thought out, eye catching presentation package. When you are determined to succeed in today’s economy – you need high quality custom made packaging.

Kits & Mono-cartons - main

Custom printed kits, gift boxes & mono-cartons are the ideal packaging to create your product’s image in the modern retail environment. Custom boxes, printed with your logo and graphics, allows you consistent product branding, and to create a cohesive family of products.

Packaging Impressions is one of India’s premier packaging supplier of boxes, kit boxes and mono-cartons for the cosmetics industry. Our packaging solutions have durable structures and can have various sizes for compartments.

We manufacture and design a vast range of custom kits and boxes in different sizes, styles and colors. We offer a complete portfolio of boxes that are custom made as per client requirements.


  • Cosmetic product mono-cartons
  • Cosmetic kits & gift packs
  • Food & beverage packaging.
  • Pharmaceutical boxes and mono-cartons