Premium Gift Boxes

Our latest specialty is the range of hardbound gift boxes in any shapes, cuts for various uses. We utilize only the highest grade of material – be it basic paper, wrapping paper, sticking material and printing using the latest machines. Thanks to our focus on quality our clients always get the best results from their customers / retail partners.

We specialize in the supply of luxury custom made rigid gift boxes. We can offer many box styles including boxes with lift-off lid, slipcases and boxes with hinged flap lid and magnetic closure which can all be manufactured to your exact specification. Whether you require a simple box with separate lift-off lid or a complex slipcase with pull out tray and internal compartments, we can work with you to develop your ideas. The possibilities are endless, limited by your imagination!

Type of boxes that we can customize and print for you include:

  • Gift box with lid – Square / round or any customized shape
  • Book shaped box
  • Photo Frame box / window box
  • Slider box
  • Beverage bottle box
  • Dual side opening box
  • Flip cover box with magnetic cover

We manufacture and design a vast range of custom premium gift boxes in different sizes, styles and colors. We offer a complete portfolio of boxes that are custom made as per client requirements.


  • Cosmetic gift boxes
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Premium Chocolate packaging
  • Food & beverage packaging
  • Specialized Trousseau packaging
  • Designer Garment packaging
  • Customized packaging for other luxury & gift items