Following submission to Stratford District Council, the Plan was sent to an Independent Examiner who approved it as meeting the statutory requirements and suggested some slight amendments. These have now been incorporated into a final Plan version which will go forward to a Village Referendum on Thursday 9 November.

This version can be downloaded from the 'Referendum' page of this website.

The Parish Council is hoping to deliver a printed version to all households ahead of the referendum date and encouraging everyone resident in the community to vote for acceptance as part of the Planning Process.


Any representations at this stage should address whether or not the draft NDP meets the basic conditions and other matters that an independent examiner is required to consider. The full submission, together with other related documents and information on how to comment, can be found by following the following link

When considering Policy H1, please refer to the modified version of the built-up boundary which can be found as a separate pdf file in the latest uploads.

The area covered by our Neighbourhood Development Plan is that lying within the Civil Parish boundary of Wootton Wawen.

This was approved by the District Council on 16 June 2014.

The policies contained within the Neighbourhood Development Plan must be supported by reasoned justification and an appropriate and proportionate evidence base.

The formulation of the evidence base is ongoing.

What is Neighbourhood Planning?

Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDP’s) are an important part of passing greater control over plan making and place shaping from local government to local communities. As such our Plan is a community led framework for guiding future development, regeneration and conservation in our local area.

The NDP forms part of the statutory development plan for Stratford-upon-Avon district which gives it far more weight than other locally prepared documents. It does not have the power to stop all development, but it is a powerful tool in shaping that development in line with local wishes and the local environment.