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The Power Of God’s Word

The Power of God's Word Evening Lesson

Pastor Michael Young speaks about the inspiration of Scripture and how that doctrine has the power and authority to change their life for the better. Listen to this message to better understand the power of God’s Almighty Truth and it’s capacity to step into our lives and bring change. This is an evening message and longer than a typical message.

The Practice of God’s Word

The Practice of God's Word

Pastor Michael Young will help you understand the importance of hermeneutics ( ‘interpreting & applying God’s Word) so that you can live according to God’s Will and avoid a misapplication of God’s Word by focusing on minutia and ignoring the weighty matters of the Christian life. This is an evening teaching and longer than they typical message.

Firsts 2014

Firsts 2014 message

Do you want this year to be different for you. Pastor Michael Young wants to encourage you to turn your life over to him. To put Him first this year. Not to save you from hell but because you want him as your savior. Its a new year and scripture tells us that the old has past away and things become new. ... Give your life to Him and put him First!

God Can Do Anything

God Can Do Anything from a Like a Child Series Message

A child is a unique product of the fusion of two people into one flesh and possesses the combined traits of both parents. Pastor Michael Young encourages you to be like our heavenly Father and have His traits. Because when we are His child and exhibit child-like faith and trust we can please Him.

God Forgives Me

God forgives me from a like a child series message

In this message Pastor Michael Young talks about the GRACE of God. How it is dangerous, lavish, excessive, outrageous, scandalous, and many other things... beyond what we can ask or imagine! The person who receives this gift with childlike faith will never be the same. Listen to how God can forgive you.

God Is With Me

God is With Me Message

Are you having any moments with God? In this message Pastor Michael Young teaches how God is there for you. How you can talk with Him and know He listens and how he speaks with you so you can listen. If you spend time with God you will feel His presence and others can will know too. 

God Is For Me

God Is For Me Message

Do you know that God is on your side? That is what Pastor Michael Young talks about in this message. Listen in to learn you can't hide from God but should run to Him. You don't need to fear anything when you know that God is for you!

You Can’t See To Walk In The Dark

You Can't See To Walk In The Dark Cover

The world needs light, something the Apostle John has already told us. In this message Pastor Michael Young explains the conditions for seeing and knowing the light—following Jesus. Walking in the light of life can change a person so that he or she need never again walk in darkness again.

Walk Like A Christian

Walk Like A Christian Cover

In this message Pastor Michael Young explores Romans 12:1, 2 and what it means to walk like a Christian. What does it mean to be transformed? Living missional means your mind and will is maturing to think biblically. You will live intentionally more like Jesus Christ. Listen in to hear more.