Sylheti Language

Like Greeks while expelled from their homelands clung to their language more passionately, we have also loved, spoken, dreamt and clung to our language.
Apni booli, meethi booli * - so sings a poet of Punjab (another frontier zone where we will find more of our brothers who have shared a common experience) and this sweetness or the sense of sweetness no history can ever dilute.

A Sylheti can forget everything but he cannot forget his langage. He might transact his business, his intellectual activity, his poetry in another or related language but in then most intimate attic of our mind where our deepest peace, our deepest anger, our deepest fantasies reside like camouflaged animals, he speaks and we all know the expression.
One fierce and brilliant friend of mine once told me an anecdote regarding Sylheti langage which resembles Bengali but has a distint flavour. Like different wines are finally fermented grape juice but a sympathetic and refined tongue can distinguish the sharpness of a Merlot to the mellowness of a Burgundy.
The bird suddenly flew away - description of the flight of a bird translates inn syhlleti - *পাখী ওগু ফুরুত্ করি উড়ি গেলো * this (ফুরুত্) phoorut catches the thurst of air in the bird's wings as it suddenly flew. The language retains the fierce strength of a spoken tongue and smells of something which can be called verbal intimacy.
Other Bengalis have made fun of our accents - ask a Sylheti bride married to a groom in now West Bengal of present and you will find a material to write a novel on accents, human audition, linguistics and human conceit. But we endured. Generations have gone but we spoke our "untamed" accents, we kept a very private self within us, we learnt, re-learnt, forgot, remembered but in spite of our conscious, unconscious attempts to forget, we kept the flame of remembrance burning.

History forgot the geography but language we didnt forget.To make sure that we didn't forget, invites you for a tour de force of our language, always wanted but never done.

In 2005, we started a Language and Cross Cultural Consulting agency in London called Wordsmith Communication. Wordsmith Communication is a Global Leader in providing Sylheti Language and Cross Cultural Services.