In House Training Terms and Conditions

1. Fees.

Fees for training are currently £500 per day.

2. Expenses

Travel is from the south west of Glasgow.

Expenses will be charged on the following basis:

  • Second class rail travel where available.
  • Standard bus fare where available.
  • Taxi fares for short distances.
  • If cheaper and/or more convenient, mileage will be charged at 45p
    per mile.
  • If an overnight stay is required, I will use a reasonably priced hotel,
    details to be discussed prior to booking.


3. Workbooks and handouts.

It is presumed that the booking organisation will provide copying facilities

for handouts. This is to keep costs down and to minimise weight to be

carried by trainer. The original will be sent by digital means but will remain

the copyright of Eileen McCallum Training. Additional copies should not be made

without permission.

4. Delegates.

The number of delegates suitable for the type of course will be discussed

at the time of booking and should not be exceeded.

5. Catering requirements.

Catering requirements for tea, coffee and lunches will be decided at the

time of booking. All catering costs will be met by the booking organisation.

6. Cancellations.

Cancellation by booking organisation.

It is understood that situations arise which mean plans have to change. If

the booking organisation cancel more than 2 working days in advance and

reschedule with 1 month, (National Holidays excepted) there will be no

additional charge, unless there has been travel or accommodation

pre-booked which will result in a loss to Eileen McCallum Training.

Cancellation of less than 2 working days notice may incur costs as the

trainer may have no alternative bookings.

If the trainer has already set off to the venue, then the whole cost of travel,

accommodation and fees will be due.

Cancellation by Eileen McCallum Training.

We will take all reasonable steps to never cancel at the last minute unless

due to extreme medical emergency.

7. Individual Policy and Procedure.

Booking organisations are welcome to ask for their own policies and

procedures to be included in the handouts and training. There will be no

additional charge for adjusting handouts and training material. However,

all documents must be forwarded to Eileen McCallum Training at least 10

working days prior to the event.