Recap Kids Sleep-Over Gala.

(May 30 - June 1, 2016)

After months of snail-paced but solid planning, we have been insanely anxious for some adrenalin-pumping activity at Harnessing Talent Headquarters. Naturally, we thought…kids sleep-over gala! What is more active than a bunch of kids on sugar and excitement! So with nothing more to expect than survive, we pulled together our wits and planned a day-night-day paced with fun, food, art, movies and…..more fun!!! There is nothing more exhilarating than watching kids express themselves on canvas….or all over the walls and the floors and their faces!!! Despite a rainy start to our first day, we took the activity inside and got creative.

The thing about kids and art is that they were born to be together. Kids are simply not afraid to express themselves. The sky is the limit for their imagination. It was as simple as paper, paint and scissors….CREATE!(Unfortunately, it’s going to take weeks getting the glitter of their imagination off the floors and some walls!) This experience has been enlightening for our Team at Harnessing Talent. We got the activity we wanted…and then some more….we gave the kids a day and night packed with fun, in a space they could let loose.

First Kids Gala 2016

Kids are simply not afraid to express themselves.

Running on the heels of our plans to launch Harnessing Talent activities officially by the end of the year, it stands to reason that our talent discovery goals should start from the little ones. We can honestly say that we hope the results are half as exciting as the journey. Although we can also honestly say that it is going to take a little breather before we do another kids gala(we need the breaks between cleaning out the glitter)!
Nevertheless, the success of our impromptu kids’ art workshop has got us super excited about the future. As much as we loved having children over, we have to go upwards. Harnessing Talent is looking forward to hosting an art sleep-over workshop for the big kids…teens and college kids. And while that is on the way, we always appreciate any suggestions and creative input. So reach us through our links or by email and we will get back to you.