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Future, Finance, Fear, Freelancing

Mon, 11/15/2010 - 16:25

Every Freelancer, as a freeman needs to be prepared for Future – financially as well as non-financially. This Post would touch the financial aspect for the time being.

1. At the cost of proving to be a fool, I hereby declare that most of the work or job in future would more and more resemble like freelancing work, if not in form, but in spirit.

2. It also implies that regular salary top-up in ATM as well as its permanence for a very long time would be an outdated thing for next generation

3. Even the best  freelancer has a body and the body undergoes decay, disease and even death.

4. The Fear arises in anticipation of financial uncertainty combined with the evident facts related to the working of the physical structure called body

5. The best minds suffer from occasional fear, lethargy, lack of drive.

Hence, a Freelancer needs to earn his/her daily bread as well as invest in something which bears fruit after sometime and then continues with little watering and care. Imagine a coconut tree. A decade back someone gave some water and the wonderful tree carries water and nutrition using the most advanced packaging system of the world.

A Freelancer needs to plant such very powerfully potent seeds.

In addition to planting such trees, a Freelancer needs to plant trees in mind. These exercises include

  • Writing Books for those who are starting and those who need experience to start
  • Teaching eager learners
  • Sharing one’s stories. Storytelling is a sublime art and this itself done artfully can ensure financial return for dcecades and for some great ones, for millenia.
  • Speaking to young audience
  • Be a consultant

All the above and more can be done by a true freelancer for free because these are virtually costless and Internet makes their distribution costless as well.

As the Great Wheel of Time gyrates and as Internet and its distribution evolves, these seeds are going to be gigantic trees bearing unknown and grand fruits for the planter.

If you are in Fear, understand that this fear, like joy is a shared heirloom of all humanity. The best way to overcome this fear is to plant seeds of fearlessness in others.

A farmer gives a fence to proect a sapling of an Oak tree while its very young because a goat even can cause havoc. When the grand Oak expands its shade as well as its breadth, even an elephant can be chained onto it.

Ten Commandments for a Freelancer

Sun, 11/14/2010 - 23:19

1. All the seminal and enduring works of Civilization are done either by formal freelancers or those who think like Freelancers.

2. You have not become a Freelancer only for earning the daily bread.

3. You have announced an open and honest war to achieve greatness by not being under an umbrella going under the names of corporate job, government bureaucracy, pen-pushing and escapism.

4. You are the Judge, Jury and Executioner of the Job.

5. Being a freeman (or woman), you need to be very serious in choosing your spouse and association

6. Dont be under debt. Ancient Rome, British Empire, Contemporary America all have been witness to the ruinous effect of Debt. In case of debt, only take debt for house, business and education (not the parchment but which enriches)

7.  Read, Discuss and Share. You are not bound by any law other than the natural law of the land, common decency and the Lord’s Call.

8. Dont work for so called success. That is for third class worker. Work for the success of your clients.

9.  Respect Freedom of others.

10. Use the sublime autonomy you have to leave some works done solely for others or without any self-gain

How does a True Freelancer look at Mainstream Media ?

Mon, 09/27/2010 - 19:42

In 2008, I wrote a book called The Wordsmith Sutra  where I argued that Mass Media has become a dumbing down instrument. It appears that people who control these media sometimes test as how stupid viewers have become. Hence, mass media worldwide, by and large has become a tool of enstupidization, spannered by non-stupid.

Observe the news anchors, the ‘experts’, the stock market speakers : they all look so sleek and confident.

A True Freelancer (I checked with many) look at mass media like a scientist looks at petri-dish. Curiosity and an inter-sprecies difference always remaining as who observes and what is observed.

Next time, as a freelancer when you see any mass media theatricals, remember this.

Many disconnects will get connected. And dont forget the petri dish. Dont forget the inter-species gap.

People who fill the screens of the mass media, except rare exceptions are to be observed like a biologist observes fruitflies. Or Margaret Meade observing her research subjects.

The Freelancer Idyll

Wed, 09/22/2010 - 13:08

Seth Godin (www.sethgodin.com)  has announced in his last blog that we are under 2 recessions now. One temporary and another permanent. The latter is the vanishing of the vestiges of the industrial age. If this claim is going to be materialized then the functional concept and function of ‘employee’ will cease to exist. Any employee will be a Freelancer.

Reading some commentators from Amerika ( K is borrowed from Franz Kafka), I feel that if their claim gets materialized, we can visualize an idyll and as a Freelancer I visualize this as follows :

1. Habitat : In farmlands where one can grow one’s food – vegetables, fruits, nuts and all those eatables that are nutritous and sustainable. The first identity of a freelancer would be an agriculturist. It is no wonder – the first culture was agriculture. One can buy in various areas in a country some tract of land and build a small home. Try to be as near a running stream or river. This search for habitat is very important.

2. Work : Use internet and access Google, Skype and Paypal. Occasionally go to the downtown bank to withdraw some money to buy what you cannot grow. A true freelancer would create work rather than his / her boss telling what to do.

3. Re-Creation : Not entertainment – but re-creation. Wake up with birdsong. Tend your garden and foodspace. Walk. Sit and think as the civilization as we know perhaps cankers away. Remember what St. Fredentine of Mexico has advised : Give to Ceasar what you must, keep what you can, only loyalty to family, friends and common decency.

4. Transportation : A person with such a life (and temperament) needs little running here and there in search of entertainment or adrenaline rush. Use bicycle.

5. Hobbies : Plenty. Read the greatest minds of the world – better read those who are dead. Read the living ones with caution. In the evening, after a fulfilling days work, open a bottle of wine and call the greatest of musicians of the world to enrich you. Recommend : Bach.

6. Education of Children : Homeschool them. Tend the plants and the children. Both are same in terms of their growth. Give them open space, sunshine and water. Rest is not in your hand. Every man has a destiny. For a change, you can send them in a school for few months. They would not go second time.

7. Pets : Keep some pet. Keep a cow – it will give you the best nutritional drink for decade : Milk. Prepare all else from the milk. Keep  a dog, a cat, few chickens. If you have a pond, keep some duck. If you observe them swimming, you will find a strange watery coolness inside you.

8. Security : The price of freedom is poverty. Be poor but not squalid. Let the neighbours know that you have a kingdom which is not in some bank’s computer thousand miles away but in you and within you. Share and Enjoy.

9. Holidays : A Life led this way does not need a holiday as generally people need.

10. Vocation : An unexperimented Life is not worth living. Experiment everyday.

11. Medical Support : You wont be needing anti-depressants, drugs for respiratory illness, drugs for sexual dysfunctionality, stress related syndromes and psychoses. For other maladies, please note that you will die one day.


I recollect that in Ancient Rome there was a concept called Private Citizen. Many were very capable people and they served the Republic or Empire, depending on perspective, quite well. I am sure, at the end days of the Republic, many just withdrew and slipped away. They reasoned that the system merited less and less attention and care and was beyond repair. It had to be re-newed and any renewal needs a complete, overwhelming collpase.

Many such capable people, across the globe find themselves in the same mood. They find that the current system merits less and less for its perpetuation and this slipping away will hasten its collapse.

I think Seth Godin and St. Fredentine both are capturing the photo of the same event, from two viewpoints. Seth says that the system driven attitude is dead. St. Fred concludes that there is no point in putting the best support to a patient that has expired.

A growing number of men and women are not mouring. They are aware of the inner law and the opportunities in the new age. Most are clung by an unholy attachment (মোহ in Sanskrit) to the corpse. And the most dubious, most venal are selling the limbs of this corpse as a profit to the Unwashed.

Schone Welt, Dost du bi ?

Beautiful World, Where are you ?