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Regulating Google search is a dumb idea that could actually happen
Much of Donald Trump’s power comes from setting up bogeymen for his base, and then railing against them. This week Trump’s bogeyman is the tech industry—a perfect bogeyman, in a way, thanks to the perception of Silicon Valley as a land of coastal, liberal, wealthy, elites. Trump tweeted Wednesday that Google was messing with its search results to surface mainly negative stories about him in response to search queries, courtesy of the biased liberal media, of course. After the tweet, the top White House economic advisor, Larry Kudlow,  said the White House would be “taking a look” at whether Google should be regulated by the government. Google search results for “Trump News” shows only the viewing/reporting of Fake News Media. In other words, they have it RIGGED, for me & others, so that almost all stories & news is BAD.
To upgrade techno, this engineer plays his own robots
Moritz Simon Geist, a 30-something engineer and musician, was recently tinkering with his band. Music-making robots or “robot musicians,” if you will, might seem a gimmick, like Captured! By Robots , Japanese robot metal outfit Z-Machines , or Compressorhead, who did a cover of Motörhead’s classic track “Ace of Spades.” But Geist is deeply interested in the overall multisensory potential of robot music. For him, it’s a philosophical challenge, not simply a technological one. “There are a lot of projects in media art that want to show how that technology exists,” Geist explains when I meet him at this year’s Moog Fest in Durham, North Carolina. “The first project that featured 3D printing was there just to show that 3D printing existed. I mean, in the beginning it’s nice, but then it kind of loses tension quite fast.” Geist sees his Tripods 1 robot system, and various other “Sonic Robots,” as he calls them, not as an end in themselves, but a means, a tool to change the way listeners engage with the music. “Robots are kind of a futuristic way to think about music and reflect on it, but also comment on it,” he says. Geist wants his robots to sound more musical and less like mechanical gimmicks, with more natural timbres, textures, pitches, and rhythms. He’s making robot musicians, sure, but he’s also making them play make good, interesting music. The Tripods One robots are, as the name suggests, five different robotic tone generators fixed to a central tripod, like branches to a tree. This kinetic sculpture, as Geist calls it, features various elements that mechanically pluck springs or trigger a computer hard drive’s actuator arm and head to make sounds. The robots will feature heavily on both The Mechanical Turn, due in October, and an LP, Robotic Electronic Music, set for a November release, both of which include production by Mouse on Mars, the iconic Berlin-based ambient techno duo. Of course, these are robots, and so while there is an obvious emphasis on sound, they also look pretty cool. That’s not an accident. The robots double as art installations and live performers, and Geist builds them with that in mind. “As a human, I want to see things in multiple ways,” he adds. “I want to have a visual complement, a sound complement, and smell—I want everything.
115 new movies, TV shows, albums, and books to check out in September
Summer is always so exciting at first. You throw your hoodies into a dumpster, re-install the A.C., and plot a bunch of beachside getaways and kayaking adventures. Maybe you’ll go to the Cape! (Any cape, really, doesn’t matter.) After a while, though, you realize you’ve been sweating like a hog every day for three long months and your skin feels like ungently used cheesecloth. Also, democracy is dying and the bad men are coming back . This year especially, fall feels like a harbinger of magical possibilities. Apple-picking! Hoodies! Pumpkin spice everything! And of course, finally, some new TV shows to watch. (Just kidding, there are always new shows now. It’s not just fall or midseason. It’s all the time .) Prepare to say goodbye to the leaves and hello to the next Tiffany Haddish movie and a new album by Metric. Feel at least a little pulled back from the brink of heatstroke yet? No? Well then, keep reading on for  Fast Company ‘s September Creative Calendar and forget that whole summer bit even happened. MOVIES Bisbee ’17 , September 5 The Nun , September 7 Peppermint , September 7 Hal , September 7 The Predator , September 14 White Boy Rick , September 14 American Chaos , September 14 The Children Act , September 14 Final Score , September 14 I Think We’re Alone Now , September 14 Lizzie , September 14 Mandy , September 14 Science Fair , September 14 A Simple Favor , September 14 The House with a Clock in Its Walls , September 21 Life Itself , September 21 Assassination Nation , September 21 Colette , September 21 A Happening of Monumental Proportions , September 21 Love, Gilda , September 21 Night School , September 28 Serenity , September 28 Smallfoot , September 28 All About Nina , September 28 Bad Reputation , September 28 MATANGI/MAYA/M.I.A. , September 28 The Old Man and the Gun , September 28 The Padre , September 28 MOVIES TO WATCH AT HOME City of Joy , September 7 on Netflix Sierra Burgess Is a Loser , September 7 on Netflix Swiped , September 10 on HBO MDMA , September 14 Nappily Ever After , September 21 on Netflix MUSIC Adult. – This Behavior , September 7 Chic – It’s About Time , September 7 JEFF the Brotherhood – Magick Songs , September 7 Lenny Kravitz – Raise Vibration , September 7 Macy Gray – Ruby , September 7 Mirah – Understanding , September 7 Paul McCartney – Egypt Station , September 7 Paul Simon – In The Blue Light , September 7 Spiritualized – And Nothing Hurt , September 7 Carrie Underwood – Cry Pretty , September 14 Good Charlotte – Generation Rx , September 14 Low – Double Negative , September 14 Lyrics Born – Quite A Life , September 14 Orbital – Monsters Exist , September 14 Paul Weller – True Meanings , September 14 Thrice – Palms , September 14 Uriah Heep – Living The Dream , September 14 We Were Promised Jetpacks – The More I Sleep The Less I Dream , September 14 Willie Nelson – My Way , September 14 Beak> – > > > , September 21 Billy Gibbons – The Big Bad Blues , September 21 Josh Groban – Bridges , September 21 Joyce Manor – Million Dollars To Kill Me , September 21 Metric – Metric , September 21 Slash – Living The Dream , Featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators, September 21 Suede – The Blue Hour , September 21 The Field – Infinite Moment , September 21 Voivod – The Wake , September 21 Alt-J – Reduxer , September 28 Cypress Hill – Elephants On Acid , September 28 Dillon Francis – Wut Wut , September 28 Mudhoney – Digital Garbage , September 28 Rod Stewart – Blood Red Roses , September 28 The Joy Formidable – AAARTH , September 28 Tim Hecker – Konoyo , September 28 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – An American Treasure , September 28 TV Mayans M.C. , September 4 on FX Model Squad , September 4 on E! The Purge , September 4 on USA It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia , September 5 on FXX I Love You, America , September 6 on Hulu Marvel’s Iron Fist , September 7 on Netflix The Bad Seed , September 9 on Lifetime The Deuce , September 9 on HBO Kidding , September 9 on Showtime The Last Ship , September 9 on TNT Rel , September 9 on Fox Shameless , September 9 on Showtime You , September 9 on Lifetime American Horror Story: Apocalypse , September 12 on FX On My Skin , September 12 on Netflix BoJack Horseman , September 14 on Netflix The First , September 14 on Hulu 70th Primetime Emmy Awards , September 17 on NBC The Hunt for the Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold , September 18 on Viceland The Good Cop , September 21 on Netflix Maniac , September 21 on Netflix Magnum P.I. , September 24 on CBS Manifest , September 24 on NBC FBI , September 25 on CBS The Gifted , September 25 on Fox Mr. Inbetween , September 25 on FX New Amsterdam , September 25 on NBC A Million Little Things , September 26 on ABC Single Parents , September 26 on ABC The Good Place , September 27 on NBC Murphy Brown , September 27 on CBS The Cool Kids , September 28 on Fox Bob’s Burgers , September 30 on Fox God Friended Me , September 30 on CBS Books Approximate Joy  by Christopher Anderson, September 4 The Silence of the Girls: A Novel by Pat Barker, September 4 Fashion Climbing: A Memoir with Photographs by Bill Cunningham, September 4 The Wildlands  by Abby Geni, September 4 The Golden State: A Novel  by Lydia Kiesling, September 4 Lake Success by Gary Shteyngart, September 4 The Lies That Bind  by Kwame Anthony Appiah, September 6 Paris Echo  by Sebastian Faulks, September 6 Tokyo Boogie Woogie  by Daido Moriyama, September 6 Breaking News by Alan Rusbridger, September 6 She Would Be King: A Novel  by Wayétu Moore, September 11 The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish  by Katya Apekina, September 18 Washington Black  by Esi Edugyan, September 18 Syracuse, 1981  by Bruce Gilden, September 20 Waiting for Eden by Elliot Ackerman, September 25 The Shape of the Ruins by Juan Gabriel Vasquez, September 25 The Caregiver by Samuel Park, September 25 The Order of the Day by Eric Vuillard, September 25 Podcasts Wolverine: The Long Night , Marvel’s first scripted podcast, September 12 Culture Genius , a “Black AF” trivia game show hosted by Amber J. Phillips and Jazmine Walker , September 12 In The Dream , hosted by Jane Marie , infiltrates the world of multi-level marketing schemes, September 24 Katie Couric’s podcast will air a two-part audio documentary marking the 10-year anniversary of her momentous interview with Sarah Palin, September 20 and 27 [Photo Illustration: Samir Abady ; The Predator: Kimberley French /Twentieth Century Fox; White Boy Rick: Scott Garfield /Sony Pictures Entertainment; A Simple Favor: Peter Iovino ; The House with a Clock in Its Walls: Quantrell D.
How California’s super-strict net neutrality law reached the home stretch
It’s been a tough fight, with one near-fatal stumble, but California’s assembly just passed what are undoubtedly the strictest protections for net neutrality in the country–if not the world. After what supporters hope will be a perfunctory re-vote in the state Senate, the bill will go to Governor Jerry Brown, who has 30 days to sign or veto it. SB822 , originally drafted by San Francisco state senator Scott Weiner, was a direct response to the FCC’s repeal of its own Open Internet Order from the Obama years. Wiener sought to fold the provisions of that massive document into a manageable set of provisions that busy legislators–hardly telecom experts–could wrap their heads around. California was not the first state to pass a bill in the wake of the FCC repeal on December 14, 2017 (which officially took effect on June 11), but its comprehensive approach puts it far ahead. Related: Four ways to survive the end of net neutrality Washington State lead the effort with a bill, passed on February 28 , that lays out the broad outlines of network neutrality: internet service providers may not block any legal content, slow down (a.k.a. throttle) the delivery of any legal content, or speed up content for providers that pay more. (States like Vermont and Oregon have followed with similar bills.) It’s a solid set of wholesome principles–and likely as complex a bill as could pass in Washington State’s meager two-month legislative season. But the devil is the details, which regulators will have to work out during implementation

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