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Ask Jeeves is a search engine you can ask actual questions. Kids:


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 Dyslexia In the news. [Off site links -Google] [Yahoo News]


Teaching Dyslexics in the news [Off site link -Goole news] [Yahoo News]

 Search for Audio & Video Dyslexia [Off site link]

Search the internet for the word...


Google search Dyslexia

Google search LD

Google search scholarships

Google search funds

Google search financial aid

Google search grants

With you can search within your search results, narrowing your search down while grasping all that's out there. Such as searching for 'famous dyslexics', then 'dyslexia'. (GV Pixs)


Search Domain names has the fallowing words in it.

Netcraft searches words in 'Domain names'. (GV Pixs) logo