More Speed

In a growing number of communities, LTE Technology allows faster streaming, faster downloads, faster uploads and a faster overall internet experience.

More Reliability

CCI Wireless was built by rural Albertans and is locally installed and operated.  We monitor our network 24/7 at a state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre in Calgary.

More Data

Every plan features unlimited data, meaning worry-free internet use for your entire family or business.  You make a single monthly payment with no surprises.

Who We Are

Unlimited High Speed Rural Internet


CCI Wireless (Corridor Communications Inc.) is an Internet Service Provider to rural and remote Alberta. Our purpose is to provide high speed internet to the under-served and under-connected areas of our province. The goal is to eliminate the digital divide for all rural Albertans who struggle with poor or no broadband services, thereby powering economic development and enabling long-term sustainability for our rural communities.

We are a product of exceptional vision of nine founding partners. These partners are co-operatives, formed many years ago to provide basic utility services to under-served rural Albertans. Over a decade ago, these organizations recognized the requirement for delivery of another utility – broadband internet – to their regions. Today, CCI Wireless has 17 shareholders, including 14 gas co-ops, two municipalities, and one REA (Rural Electrification Association).

  CCI Wireless has moved to the forefront as the Broadband provider of choice for Rural Alberta  by using licensed frequencies for distribution and  constantly monitoring and upgrading equipment.

With unlimited data, less downtime and fast, consistent speed, find out what tens of thousands of rural Albertans already know… get MORE with CCI Wireless.


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What people say about CCI Wireless


I have been a customer for over 4 years for internet and phone... In the world of so much criticism and short tempers, I am a firm believer in praise for good service.  I am so grateful that you have people like Lanre working for you and that your training has given him the skills and patience to deal with people like me.


CCI Wireless' Technical Support team are providers of an "ALL STAR" service by helping me to help myself and attempt do do the leg work on the tweaking the SIM card up in the antenna and then patiently leading me through the steps to get everything up and running again....inside, what can I say? Working together we worked it out.


8 - 5 pm on weekends is a good idea. Numerous times something has gone wrong on a weekend with no one to call.  Probably only because I work on weekdays and probably miss any shutdowns then.  You are doing a good job.  Better than the rest I have been with.  Cheers!


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