Rosie Wells  FSA Scot

Rosie's Scottish National Aerial Photography Scheme

Born Rosemarie Anne Apperley

March 1949 Birmingham -  March 2013 Armadale

A life of love and gentleness
Of nurturing care with children blessed
Both of her loins and blackboard facing
Life's essence chasing
She smoothed their path to grown up's land
Canterbury Tales
Teenage angst and apprehension 
Worries assuaged with fears detention
She strove to keep us all from harm
We all were children in her palm

Founder and manager of The Armadale Website, co-founder of both the West Lothian Archaeology Group and the West Lothian Archaeological Trust.  Rosie lost her battle with cancer on the evening of the 3rd March 2013.  She is survived by her husband John, son Cade and his family in Armadale, and daughter Heidi of Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Ron Apperley 1926 - 2008

Rosie was the daughter of William Ronald Apperley who served with the Highland Light Infantry during the WWII.  At one time, he was based in Troon where John's father was temporarily stationed with the RNVR. Although born in Birmingham, due to family circumstances, Rosie was sent by her mother to be raised in Germany. Some years later, she returned home to start junior school speaking only German. Rosie soon mastered English, as anyone who met her knows! Her other languages were French, Latin, Middle English and some Italian, which was part of her degree course.

Rosie, Rootes Hall, Warwick University (1968).

In 1970, Rosie graduated with a degree in English and American literature from the University of Warwick, where Germaine Greer was one of her tutors. Rosie had met John in the first week of the first term and they married in the last week of the last year.

Rosie next worked for BMOC (Trafford, Manchester) but eventually left to become a teacher, while John was a postgraduate student and then a teacher of mathematics. They then moved to Oxford, where they both became students again, Rosie studying education and John doing research into cancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After short periods in both advertising and public relations, Rosie settled down to teaching. She taught at Bnos Yisroel (Salford), Witney Tech. (Oxfordshire), St Joseph's (Swindon), Maidenhill (Stonehouse), Highwood (Nailsworth), Archway (Paganhill, Stroud) and was finally Head of English at Marling School, Stroud. Rosie and John  lived in Gloucestershire for 29 years.

Rosie was interested in genealogy and, from the 1970s, did extensive research on the family names Wells, Bumpas/Bompas and Apperley and lesser work on many other names.

A conveyance, dated 1422, to John Bompas by John Tuttebury, son and heir of Henry Tuttebury.

(Rosie's original document)

With work behind them, Rosie and John moved to Armadale in 2004. Rosie was so happy. She said that she would spend the rest of her days there.

John, along with Cade and Heidi and their partners, said goodbye to Rosie on her birthday, the 14th March. 

Rosie's ashes were scattered on, and also above, Cairnpapple Hill with the aid of one of her kites on the 13th April 2013.

Rosie and John 's time together in Armadale

Some recent activities and publications

Rosie's Scottish National Aerial Photography Scheme

Rosie (left) with her friends and HAA members Betty Hunter and the late Davie Kerr in Armadale Library 

29th September 2012

An uplifting song from our first year together (skip any advert that may appear)

Rosie suggested that no flowers should be sent and that any money saved should be directed towards any good cause.

Jason Walker, Rosie's son-in-law, competed in the Self-Transcendence Somerset Try-a-Tri (Beginner & Youth Triathlon) in Portishead on June 9th on behalf of Cancer Research UK. This was an immense personal challenge for a very important cause.

I wish to dedicate my triathlon to Rosie "Apple" Wells, my wonderful mother-in-law who was taken from us by cancer this weekend. Her spirit and joy for life is an inspiration and I just hope I do her proud! - Jason, March 2013

.............and he did it, raising £1,410.  He did her proud ;o)


Rosie's favourite charity was Macmillan Nurses (they, and others, were wonderful at St John's*) and, of course, her own charity, the West Lothian Archaeological Trust (a/c No 00628836), The Royal Bank of Scotland, 39 South Street, Armadale, EH48 3ET.

...I've had a coffee morning each July, asking friends and neighbours and raising money for two different charities each year.  This year one was Marie Curie Cancer Care.  I thought you would like to know that we raised £340 to send to Marie Curie in memory of Rosie. Gill B.

* Rosie had a research interest in the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St John of Jerusalem in West Lothian.

I can’t express how sorry I am to hear the news. You and your family are very much in our thoughts. You were married to the most fantastic teacher I have ever met, and I can’t begin to imagine what she meant to you. I hope the memory of such an amazing lady makes the coming weeks and months a tiny bit more bearable. God Bless Rosie. Ben

....You have both worked tirelessly to build up knowledge about the heritage of the local community and we at RCAHMS have been fortunate to have had you, and the Group, as partner and contributor to Canmore. I know that RCAHMS has been just one of the many organisations that has benefitted from your work, but on behalf of the Commission - I would like to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to both of you for all your efforts........Yours Aye, Alan M. (written in Rosie's last week)
I was deeply saddened to hear about the death of Rosie. I know that Rosie will be missed by a great many people and wish to extend my sincerest condolences at this sad time...........The enthusiastic work that you have both been doing for the promotion of archaeology in our area has been greatly appreciated by myself and the residents of West Lothian. Your and Rosie's pioneering efforts to promote low-level aerial photography and remote sensing has rightly been recognised far further afield...................Your website, which Rosie founded and ran, is an exemplar in the clear articulation of how to get started in low-level airborne photography and I have been particularly impressed with the pages on aerial photography for children..............

Rosie's life will, of course, have most effect on those around her, family and friends who she loved.  I hope this letter reflects that she made a wider impact for Scotland as well.  Kind regards, Fiona H.

Words fail at time like this, but I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts, and my heart-felt condolences. Dave
Very sorry to hear of your loss and the loss of such a generous and enthusiastic force in the kiting community among many others. My condolences and very best wishes. Kieran
I'm so very sorry to hear of Rosie's passing. What a fabulous lady she was! She was so kind and fun and nurturing towards us when we were teenagers. The memories I have of our holidays in Wales are of us all laughing and joking, and of us feeling so loved to be included as part of your family. Catherine and I thought (and still think) that Rosie and John must be the best parents ever! I'm so deeply sorry for your loss, but I know that you can never really lose her. Such a strong and vital personality I'm sure she will be with you forever. All my love, from Polly M.
I was sorry to hear your sad news. On behalf of us all at the Bathgate Historic Conservation Society, I send our condolences. Although our acquaintance is brief, our thoughts are with you at this time. Regards, Andrew
Our deepest condolences to you and your family. Over the years Rosie has been such a great help in connecting us with our King-Apperley relatives in the UK and discovering the truth about where we came from. We never did work out if we were directly related to Rosie, but she has been like family to us anyway. Truly sad that we never got to meet her in person. Our thoughts are with you. Peter
We can hardly take this in. Rosie was such a vital, strong and determined person, it seems impossible to think that she is gone. We are so very sorry to hear the news. Malcolm was talking of Rosie only yesterday, telling some friends how she had discovered his family tree in an incredibly short time. We can only begin to imagine how you and the family must be feeling. We are thinking of you. If there is anything we can do? With much love to you all.
Georgina and Malcolm
Malcolm and I have been talking and thinking of you- and of Rosie - all day.
I have been remembering what an energetic, vital, enthusiastic person she was.
Do you remember the Playschemes at Widden Family Centre, during the school Summer Holidays?
Without Rosie, they would have been a disaster- she was so clever and inventive and organised wonderful craft work for the children, freeing me up to do activities and build relationships with the parents, particularly with the very young Asian mothers, who were allowed (by Mothers-in-Law and husbands) to attend with their children, because it was 'school', and the crafts they brought home showed that they were not 'just playing'.
Dorothy and I are so sorry to hear of your sad news. I deduced from your last reply to me that things were not good with Rosie but we were hoping that she would be around for a little longer. I guess she was a perfect example of the old Dubliners song " Don't give up till it's over " Joe & Dorothy
That's very sad news. Rosie was so full of life, and a fighter, so it's hard to believe she's no longer here. I've been thinking all day, since Martin passed on the news this morning, of our days together at Warwick and how much laughter we had, usually with Rosie at the middle of it. Culminating in your wedding, of course.............Sue
Thank you for the gift of knowing Rosie even a little. Rosie, I'll never forget you. Wishing Rosie's spirit peace, wishing her wonderful nature the freedom and play of a kite, if that great spirit of hers does go on, now, in some other way. And wishing you all the strength and consolation you need.............Love and thanks to you and my warmest wishes to everyone who knew Rosie and with whom you may spend time now in coming days. And thanks so much to Rosie apple as she called herself to me at times, for coming so generously into my life. I had such great times being in contact with Rosie, she is one of the best fun most alive people I think I ever met in any way. I won't forget having met her.  Yvonne C.
My deepest sympathy for your loss. Peter B.
I am so sorry to hear your news; I can only join with your friends on the BAJR forum and express my sincere condolences. Tim
I'm so sorry to receive this awful news. I didn't really realise how ill Rosie was. She was always such a happy and outward going person. Andy M.
We are both so sorry for your loss, Rosie was a wonderful and special lady, and a joy to know. With heartfelt thoughts from us to Yvonne and John, xx
Words fail me, I am so absolutely - I just don't know what to say. Seeing you the other day, and feeling the excitement of going out to use a kite and pole to photograph sites while knowing your own personal pain and hopes for a few more weeks with your amazing wife. I am just so sorry for your loss and would like to extend this from BAJR as a whole as well as myself. I need time to think about this and how best to honour her memory. David C.

Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family. Emma, Russell, Eric and Jemma

I am very, very sorry John. I only met Rosie once, but she was a very friendly and optimistic woman. I wish you all the necessary strength in this very difficult period. Best, Geert

I cannot suitably express the sadness of the news and I am sure that I do not need to. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time. Rosie was a fine and noble lady who gave much more than she needed to and was appreciated for all that she did. Again, I am sorry for your loss. Scott

I am very sorry to hear the news of your great loss and send you my very best wishes for the times ahead. Richard

No words here either, just tears. Love and hugs to you all, Jools and Steve xx
Oh, John, that is such dreadful news. I know that you have been realistically aware of the awful possibilities for some time, but when the worst happens there is no mitigation of the devastating loss. She was a wonderful positive person, and will be sorely missed. My very deepest sympathies, Geoffrey
Words fail at time like this, but I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts, and my heart-felt condolences. Dave C.

I’m so sorry. Rosie was a very remarkable person who will be very sadly missed. She’ll leave a large gap in Armadale life and beyond. I’m glad to have known her – her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge were an inspiration. Sybil

It is very sad to hear about Rosie's passing as she will be a big miss to us, to Armadale, to your family and yourself. My immediate thought about Rosie after we met was "A whirlwind of fresh air". Our thoughts are with you. Ron & Hazel
I have just read an email from Peter Apperley telling me the sad news of Rosie's death. She contacted me some years ago telling me of her website and through her I have been in touch with my distant cousin Peter Apperley. They have both been a great help in my Family History research. I have been greatly impressed with her enthusiasm and commitment and willingness to help a total stranger. I had no knowledge of her illness . I send my regards and sympathy to you and all her friends and family at this sad time. I shall remember you all in my prayers. Doreen C.
Oh John - I'm so sorry to receive such sad news. I've had a tough year and couldn't find words of enthusiasm for Rosie - how much I regret that now as your own year has been much worse. It seems such a long time since we met up but I'm pleased we were able to do so. She was a tough cookie, so full of life and will be greatly missed. Sally xxx
I'm so sad to hear your awful news. How will we all manage without Rosie?
She gave so much to life and I think she received a lot in return. She contributed so much to all she participated in, going way beyond the call of duty. The love and respect all her schoolchildren showed towards her is testament to that. I hope time will heal the pain you and your family are going through. Alan
I am very sorry to hear of Rosie's death. She worked so hard and had so much energy for life. Elizabeth W. K.
I'm so sorry, John. I've been wondering how you were getting on, but didn't expect to have this email quite so soon. I hope you were able to be together these last few days and especially during Rosie's last hours. I bet she kept you going as much as you supported her! She was always so enthusiastic and vibrant. Life at Warwick was certainly more colourful with Rosie about. I still have the photographs of us all outside Rootes Hall! You and Rosie made a terrific team together - and Rosie will always be with you in mind and spirit.
with love from Gill xxx

I’m really sorry, I hope you are doing ok. I remember the lunch Rosie made the day we went to Cairnpapple and the ensuing chat (I remember thinking that was a great ‘work’ day for me!). My thoughts are with you and your family, and let me know if there is anything that I can do. Best wishes, Jeff

I'm very sorry to hear that Rosie has passed away and send you and your family my deepest condolences. I remember Rosie as a very happy, sincere and generous lady who had a great way with people, and I am glad to have known her. You are in my thoughts. Take care, Brian
Very sorry to hear about the passing of Rosie. Our thoughts are with you in this difficult time. Warm regards Andy & Ian
I was so sorry to hear of your loss, even though you told me last week that Rosie was in hospital, your news still came as a shock.
It hardly seems like yesterday when we were all in Dundee, everyone seemed so happy and carefree, Rosie seemed so full of life and bore her burden with great dignity, she had no self-pity. You and your daughter are in my thoughts and prayers at this time. James G.
We are so, so sorry. Our thoughts are of course with you at this time and we send you our very fondest love and best wishes, John and Josie
We are devastated to hear this news. Don't know what to say really. Love Rita and Mike
Rosie will be missed in this community. She was a lovely person and we will be thinking of you in the coming months.  Michael and Mary
With love and sincere sympathy for the loss of a wonderful lady.  Heather and all at Smiles-Plus.  We will remember her fondly x
Admiration, inspiration, my friend Rosie with a big heart and that lovely smile. Always in my heart - she was special and her love for you all shone through.  Betty and Bill
Sorry to hear of your loss. I never met Rosie but as It is 45 years since I left Bathgate, but always enjoyed the regular updates she sent me.
John M.
I am exceptionally sorry to hear the news. She did so much… Geoff B.
I am very sad to hear the news. I know that words mean little at a time like this, but you are very much in my thoughts. I have such happy memories of the times when we were all in Oxford. Rosie was a truly lovely person, and she will be greatly missed. Be strong, Hugh
I was very sorry to hear about Rosie. Please accept my deepest sympathies on your sad loss. Gerald C.
Very sad indeed to hear this news. Nothing one can say really that can console you for your loss - Rosie lived a great life and left memories for many people in many different ways. Best wishes, Peter and Gill
May I firstly express my condolences to you and your family.
Having only known Rosie since I too arrived in West Lothian from the Midlands four years ago, I was however impressed with her warmth , encouragement and enthusiastic attitude, which stimulated anyone she met to expand their own knowledge of both their local history and the nation's archaeology.
The legacy of her hard work will, I am sure, become more well known in the years ahead, as more of Scotland's past is uncovered. In sympathy, Nicholas B.L.D.
Hi John,walked the same path as you 12 yrs ago, I share your sorrow. No platitudes for you, nobody can feel your pain. Yours Aye Tom A.
I was never fortunate enough to have met Rosie but was a faithful follower of her Armadale website. She will be missed and remembered around the world.
My deep regrets, Mary
I am very sorry to hear your sad news. Rosie’s enthusiasm and generosity was apparent to us all. I know she was a true amateur, with a love of our shared past, and she will be greatly missed. My thoughts are with you and your family. Hugh
Sorry to hear your sad news John, will write again later. So many happy memories of yours and Rosie’s time in Oxford. Our thoughts are with you. John and Gill
I was really sorry to hear your news. The time you both came up here to visit the Young Archaeologists Club is still talked about by some of our older members. Your enthusiasm and generosity really stood out, and it was clear what a wonderful partnership you had. Rosie will certainly be missed by many. With best wishes, Susan K
John I was so sorry to hear about Rosie. I shall always think of her with us all on Gormyre Hill on a warm summer’s day just enjoying the landscape and talking about its history. My deepest sympathy and very best wishes Jill S.
We are so very sad to hear of Rosie's passing. It seems almost impossible to find any adequate words of comfort to offer. I am sure these last few weeks and days will have been exhausting and draining. I am also sure that things seem very dark and difficult but I really hope that as you all find the courage to work through these awful days you will be able to remember the good and better times in the life that Rosie led.

She never did things by halves and her strength of character and purpose will have had a considerable impact on the many, many people, young and old that she came across in her student, working and post-teaching life.  Along with you John, she certainly was responsible for the direction my life took back in 1979-80

Although I have seen less of you in the past few years, Rosie's newsy cards were always enjoyed and keeping up with your family news has always been important to me. We are thinking of you all and send our deepest sympathy to you and the whole family.  With much love, Lucy and Graeme

I was extremely sorry to hear about Rosie. She was such an inspiring and uplifting person to know and so enthusiastic and creative to work with. My colleagues in the Museum Service join me in sending our deepest sympathy to you and your family. As a tribute to Rosie we would like to extend the Kite Archaeology Photography exhibition for an extra month, if you would be happy with that. Just let me know in your own time. Kind regards, Elizabeth

That is such sad news: I was thinking of you both just the other day, wondering how you were coping. Although I only met Rosie a couple of times, I could tell she was very special: a lovely lady and a great catalyst
who gathered and impelled those around her. And so very open and positive about her prognosis the last time I saw her. She has left an unfillable gap and I am so very sorry. But she has also left a tremendous legacy, not only in West Lothian, but I’m sure in every place she has settled.
Please accept my deepest sympathy to you and your family at this terrible time. My thoughts are with you all. Sincerely, John W.
Messages on the Kite Aerial Photography Forum
She is greatly missed. My thoughts are with you. Ant
When I first met Rosie she was stood with John outside the Riu Tequila Hotel, Mexico holding a large glass of Piña Colada for me and wearing a huge smile. From that moment on Rosie (and John) effortlessly made sure we were having a good time. Heidi and Jason's wedding was a most beautiful occasion shared with the Wells and the Walkers - a moment I will cherish forever. It felt like I had an Auntie Rosie and Uncle John by the end of the holiday. Rosie even gave me a couple of books for the plane journey home - she was always thinking of others. She has been the most wonderful mum to my dear friend Heidi. The whole family will have so many happy memories.

Despite her illness she was the life and soul at my Baby Shower and we all thoroughly enjoyed her apple tart! I regret that she will never meet my son Huey, but her presence is constantly with us through all the lovely gifts from Rosie that Huey plays with around our home. We will miss your Rosie. Much love from Clare, Ben and Huey xxxx
Hugh forwarded me your sad email about Rosie. I’m sure he’s already responded, but I just wanted to send a brief email to say how sorry I was to hear that news. I hope that you and the rest of the family are doing OK at this difficult time. With deepest sympathy, Martin
Thank you for letting us know the very sad news that dear Rosie has died - Rosie has always been a dear friend from our very first meeting when we moved to Bussage back in 1980 - such an enthusiastic and bubbly personality you just warmed to her inspiration - full of wonderful ideas.
I will never forget her help when we took on the Brimscombe Brownies for a short term she was great with the children. All of my family will remember her for making Lisa the Christmas Angel which has been copied by my sister for her children and Lisa made her own when she had her first child - every Christmas we always remember Rosie's generosity in giving Lisa that first Angel.
Such a young age to die life seems so unfair.
Rosie will be sadly missed by so many our thoughts are with you all at this sad time
Love from Marcia Godfrey Lisa and her Boys xxxxxx

It was a wonderful privilege looking after Rosie and enjoying her wonderful mind ........ .........You obviously were a wonderful pair with so much to live for and I am sorry medicine could have not made that happen for you. My best wishes to you and your family at this time. Kind regards, Frances

We were so very, very sorry to receive the sad news of Rosie's death.  It wasn't totally unexpected given what she said to us in her note at Christmas, but even so it was a great shock to hear it had actually happened.  Rosie sounded so cheerful and upbeat too - she was very, very brave. But cheerful and upbeat is how we always think of her - she was so lively, energetic and sparky.  We are thinking of you and Cade and Heidi.

We will make a donation to Macmillan Nurses in her memory.  With love and sympathy, Gerry and Richard

John, Cade and Heidi, We are both very sorry to hear about Rosie. There is not much we can say to help you along, but we both know how you feel. You obviously have lots of support. Take care of each other. Our thoughts are with you all. Lots of love Michael and Jill
Please accept our most sincere condolences; we are all very sorry to hear about Rosie. I know that she had a very full life and it has been lovely to look at all the photos and tributes to her on the website - it seems she was always smiling and of course she will be missed terribly.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you. The Mitchams
Thank you for sending me the link to the announcement that your wife,
Rosie, had died. However I was very saddened to read this very bad news.
My own wife, Kari, and I had only known her for a short time and we had
only met her on a couple of occasions - in York and at Cairnpapple, but
we had really enjoyed doing so. The trip to Cairnpapple that we made in
September 2011 was in fact one of the last trips that Kari was able to
make before she died of her own cancer in November 2011. I know that she
enjoyed being able to talk with Rosie and to watch her conduct the KAP
flight on such a lovely day - as indeed I did too.

Having recently gone through a similar experience of the death of my own
beloved wife, I know how much you must be hurting at Rosie's death.
Undoubtedly her passing will leave a void in your life. However I trust
that you can remain strong during this wretched period and that you can
find some solace in all the good memories arising from your time
together and in the valuable work that you and Rosie have been carrying
out with West Lothian Archaeology.

With sincere condolences and deepest sympathy,
Yours sincerely,
I am so sorry to hear about Rosie. I have long been extremely impressed with the work that you have both been doing in West Lothian and Rosie's website in particular was superb.
My thoughts are with you and your family.
Sincere condolences,
Our thoughts are with you all. Rosie touched the lives of so many of us in this area*, and she left everyone enriched in some way.  She lived her life at such a pace, doing so many things well.  She did die too soon, but golly she packed a lot into her time.  I shall miss Rosie but she will often be thought of. I'm so glad she came into my life. Lots of love, Alice and Barry xx

* Stroud, Gloucestershire

Rosie made such a huge contribution to life and history in the town. We all know more about our town thanks to Rosie and many people have benefitted from being close to her energy, intellect, generosity and enthusiasm. Stuart, from:
I am so sorry to hear the news about Rosie. I have not been able to access my emails for about a week so have only picked up the sad news this morning. Rosie was so enthusiasic in all she tackled and I admired her ability to keep pressing on with projects. She was and is an inspiration.
Anne B.
I was very sorry to receive your E mail concerning Rosie. Please accept my condolences, we all enjoyed working with you; we could not have been in better company. Her cheerfulness and enthusiasm, even on occasions at Gormyre when the weather was atrocious, stay with me and will remain so. Our paths only crossed when working at Ogilface and Gormyre but I still look upon Rosie as a friend who always had a smile and a greeting that made you feel welcome.
With very best wishes to you and to the family in your loss
David J.
We had our meeting last night and we spoke about Rosie with sadness but great fondness and of how nothing was any trouble for her in all the work she did for the Association and on the website - everyone had such respect for her.......  ........Recognising the importance of the Trust we took the decision to donate £100 from our funds. Hope you are looking after yourself.
Thank you for taking the time to inform me of the deeply saddening news of Rosie's passing. I never had the pleasure of meeting her in person, but we chatted by email for many years about our shared ancestry. I will never forget her, and always think of her warmth and kindness with the greatest fondness. Keith J.
.........We are very very sad to hear the terrible news. Our thoughts are with you.....  ....We don't know what we shall say! We shall love Rosie always and we will think of her intensively...... Lots of love from Bünde, Moni and Uli
Words cannot express the sadness we feel at hearing about Rosie's death. When we briefly saw you in Stroud just before we moved to Dorset, you were both so hopeful about her treatment and both of you seemed to be enjoying such full lives with your various activities.  The past year must have been so difficult for you all.

Rosie was such a wonderful person and she will be missed by many. She was a fantastic colleague and friend whose enthusiasm for everything she did rubbed off on all who knew her. I valued her friendship and support over the years we travelled together to Marling in the mornings. We always had so much to talk about and often ended up laughing so much that it was difficult to drive the car.

Nigel and I missed both of you when you moved to Scotland but we could see from your letters and e-mails that you had built a wonderful life together up there. You must be devastated by her loss and our hearts go out to you at this time.  We hope you get some comfort in knowing that Rosie is in the thoughts of so many people who loved her...........

Love Kathy and Nigel

Just to say how sorry we are to hear the sad news about Rosie. She was such a lovely, warm and friendly person - we still miss having you both as neighbours.....  .....We send you and your family our deepest sympathy and will always remember Rosie - we know she will be very much missed.  From Pam and Les.
Our memories of Rosie are of an energetic lady who, at Marling parents evenings, overflowed with enthusiasm and encouragement for her pupils - and, in particular our two sons Ben and Oliver. We like to think that a little bit of Rosie now lives on in our boys x   Hilary and Hayden S.
It was a pleasure and great fun working with Rosie at Highwood.  Her enthusiasm, drive and creative imagination made it possible for us to organise some ambitious projects....  ....typical of her to be encouraging, thoughtful and kind.  Rob H.
So many fond memories of dear Rosie whilst working with her at Highwood.  My thoughts are with you all.  With Love Nancy T.
I was devastated to hear that Rosie had passed away although she said in her Christmas letter she was recovering from chemo......  ........ Rosie was such a marvellous vibrant star - I realised this when I first met her at BNL in 1976. Her Christmas letters over the years kept us in touch and I marvelled at her energy and enthusiasm for your kite aerial photography project. The West Lothian Archaeological Trust will surely be her lasting memorial......  .....I'm thinking of you John and send love to you all.  Win
We were so saddened to hear of Rosie’s passing. Please know how very sorry we are and we wish to express our condolences to you and your family in your loss. Although we only knew her thru a few phone calls and e-mails relating to our genealogy interests we will remember her for being so helpful to us in pursuing those interests. Maynard and Marlys
I am so sorry to hear that Rosie has died. She was a real inspiration to me to go on researching the Apperlys from the Stroud area. I always hoped that we could meet up at sometime. My Great-grandfather came to Birmingham in the 19thC, so Rosie and I had a link not only with Stroud but also with Birmingham, though she was an Apperley. Beryl B.
So sorry to hear the sad news of Rosie. Rosie was the most enthusiastic happy and friendly woman I have ever met. She will be sadly missed in Armadale.  Kim P.
We are all very sorry to hear of your great loss. Rosie was obviously a lovely person and effused kindness and enthusiasm. I spoke last night to my mum and, as she can't use email, she was keen to get me to send you our condolences. She was just back from a holiday with friends after a long and gloomy winter without dad. Mum remarked on your very kind letter to her when dad died, but I guess, important as words are, they are never enough at times like this.  Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. love from Steve and Barbara and on behalf of our greater family.
So sorry to hear about Rosie, she was such a lovely person it seems and sadly we never ever got to meet her. Rosie put together our father John Graham's Early Years Life Story and we kept sending her more information till we got all his life story on your website! Nothing ever seemed to be a bother to Rosie and a couple of times we had a problem sending photos through but she persevered till she got it sorted. We are all so proud of our dad's life story which he had written on a notepad and my sister and myself typed up for him then we forwarded it to Rosie and she put the final touch, she was fantastic and could never thank her enough. It is such a great loss for you John and sadly we too have lost our father John Graham. Dad passed away peacefully on Friday 29th to our great sadness after fighting bravely on for weeks surprising doctors and ourselves. The work both of them leave behind should be great comfort to us. Wish we had met her and what a lovely looking lady.
Newsletter of the Edinburgh Archaeological Field Society

Rosie Wells lost her long battle with cancer on the evening of the 3rd of March 2013, aged 63. Rosie was known to many in the Marling community as the much loved English teacher and Head of English who worked at the School through much of the 1990s and early Twenty-First Century.

Rosie was full of energy and enthusiasm for her subject, and for the boys she taught. Nothing was ever too much trouble, and she always led the way with technological developments. I remember arguing with her confident assertion in 1996 that all university work would be submitted by e-mail in years to come. How right she was!

I was taught English by Rosie in all but one of my seven years at the school between 1992 and 1999. She was a lady of grace, of great imagination and could not have cared for her pupils more. Indeed, on my leaving school she regularly kept in touch – even after she and her husband John retired to Armadale in Scotland. Born of German descent, Rosie was always keen to explore her genealogical, cultural and linguistic roots. Having grown up in the Midlands, she met future husband John at Warwick University. Some years later the couple settled in Gloucestershire and had two children, Cade and Heidi. The Wells family spent many happy years in the area, latterly in Bussage.

Perhaps Rosie’s greatest strength was to see the potential in everyone she taught. To transcend the strictures and limitations of the curriculum and to always expect each pupil to do his best. The activities we undertook were many and varied – from creating a children’s book in the First Form (which I now read to my own sons) to raunchy exposés on wicked women inspired by Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. She was a hugely resourceful, deeply intelligent lady who never stopped caring about her former pupils – dinner nights at the family home in Bussage were always filled into the early morning hours with stories of Old Marlingtonians and their adventures in the world at large.

In retirement, Rosie’s insatiable appetite for knowledge in all its forms led her into the worlds of internet website design, archaeology and aerial kite photography amongst others. She has produced painstakingly detailed websites on her final home town of Armadale in Scotland and on daughter Heidi’s repose of Paganhill, a stone’s throw from Marling School itself.

She leaves behind her husband John, son Cade (who attended Marling 1989-96), daughter Heidi and two grandchildren. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her as a truly special, endlessly vivacious and entirely committed schoolmistress. May she never be forgotten.

Old Marlingtonian. Ben Sandell, (1992-99) OMA President 2005-7

A big thank you to Armadale Primary School for their mention of Rosie at the Big Kids Fairtrade Cafe and Museum Visit and for making a donation to Macmillan Nurses.



Rosie with one of her many kites

Despite having been in bed at St John's for more than a week, one of the last things that Rosie said to daughter Heidi was that she had had a busy day flying kites with me and that she was looking down on the kites.  She was in a happy place for her last two weeks. John

Looking down on kites at Cairnpapple  (Photo taken by Jim Knowles)