The classic Core Lara Croft was born between 1967 and 1970 and was therefore approaching the age of 30 in 1997's Tomb Raider 1. However there are several versions of 'younger Lara' in the TR canon, including the pupil at school in Wimbledon, the girl who survived the plane crash in Nepal, the appentice of Werner Von Croy, the adventurer from Tomb Raider Chronicles, the friend of Amanda Evert, the daughter of Lord Croft from the movie, the young Lara from the cartoons and comics, and the teenager from the 2011 Tomb Raider reboot. You could use these different (and conflicting) incarnations of young Lara in your story, or you could ignore them create your own (provided your version is recognisable as Lara Croft).

The challenge is to write a short story of between 1,000-10,000 words suitable for a PG/teen audience. The deadline was Feb 14th, 2011, and the competition is now closed for entries.

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And the winner is ...

The Floor is Lava


Dog Lover (Rachel)

Read online here

with in second and third place;

Brief Candle by Phil Jones

The Doppleganger by Harmoniad

The other (excellent) entries were (in no particular order);

All I Want For Christmas by L.E.Croft
Lara Of The Dead by Homicidal Ovary
That Fateful Day by Jolivhanna
The Prize by Beautay
Things Not Done by Dafty Head
Lara Croft and The Ring of Wisdom by Gualter Santos
Re/Visioned - Reanimated by Hunter Wolfe

A good crop of stories this year, helped no doubt by the wonderful prize offered by Stella (not the wig). It was good to see that people weren't inhibited by the narrow parameters of the competition, but rose to the occasion. Several of the authors used weird pseudonyms, so if any of you want an alternative name added to your competition name, let me know. Hope all the entrants enjoyed themselves. Cheers, Ost



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Tisa Rahman

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