About Us


Infinite Group Asia is a western owned and managed manufacturing & vendor management, quality control and product development company based in Hong Kong, with representatives in Vietnam, China and Singapore. From concept idea to market IGA is a one-stop shop incorporating design development, prototyping, tooling, production, quality control, certification and logistics. Our greatest asset is our experience and strategic locations in a vast array of different products and services. 


If you are looking for speed, quality and transparency from a supplier in China, Singapore, Vietnam and Hong Kong, then look no further than Infinite Group.


Our History


From our foundations in USA in 2006 as an aluminum and glass distributor we now have businesses in several different countries and in a diverse range of sectors, including manufacturing, quality control, product design & development. With experience in electronics, construction materials, health care products, and specialty liquor.


Company Information 


Was Founded in Miami, Fl June 29th 2006 with a federal ID # 20-5134657. Its Hong Kong corporation was founded September 16th 2016 with a registered number 2433015

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