CEPAL is an entirely volunteer-run organization. Everyone involved, from the Board of Directors to those who teach overseas, volunteers their time and skills. The generosity of our donors, in turn, enables us to send more volunteers overseas and do more awareness raising in Canada. The more volunteers and donors, the more we can do to achieve our mission and vision!

CEPAL operates both in Lebanon and Canada, and welcomes volunteers who are interested in working with us in either location. We need individual volunteers to teach in Lebanon and to help with awareness raising, fundraising, and operations in Canada. CEPAL also seeks opportunities to collaborate with other charities and organizations committed to social justice.Want to help out and gain valuable work experience?  CEPAL is a volunteer driven organization. Everyone involved, from the Board of Directors to overseas councillors to event organizers are volunteering their time and skills to keep CEPAL running.

In this section, find out how to contribute to CEPAL as a volunteer.

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