"Looking Up" (c) Shannon Dow, Bourj el Barajneh, 2001

"Looking Up" (c) Shannon Dow, Bourj el Barajneh, 2001

CEPAL volunteers live in the refugee camp where they work. Volunteers stay with a host family, or share an apartment/room with other volunteers. Men and women volunteers have separate accommodation.

Volunteers staying in Bourj el-Barajneh refugee camp will be placed with a family if possible, which is an incredibly rewarding experience. Alternatively, volunteers might also share a small apartment in the camp. In all instances, CEPAL pays rent to a family for the vacant room. Despite the overcrowding in the camps, CEPAL can rent space, since many families have relatives that are away for a short while. In all cases, CEPAL volunteers are not taking space from anyone, and the rent we pay to the families helps their income.

The living situation in Wavel refugee camp is slightly different. Volunteers staying there either share a room located in the Najdeh centre, one of CEPAL’s partner organizations, or share a rented flat.

Living and working in Wavel camp is truly an enriching experience, and despite not actually living with families, past volunteers have fostered strong bonds with families there.

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