Information for Researchers

EVO is working to develop exemplars of the application of cloud technology to environmental problems, with a particular, though not exclusive focus on the terrestrial water cycle. Please follow the links below for specific examples of EVO activities.

Data standards, data searching & management
EVO is developing exemplar tools and services that will make searching for environmental data and managing large, complex environmental data sets easier. EVO is also helping to develop data exchange standards for environmental data

Examples of visualisation tools
Dynamic visualisation tools enabling researchers to explore and interrogate large multivariate data sets and time varying data can be developed using cloud technology. EVO is developing examples of how such services can be developed and used to ensure better outcomes for a range of environmental questions.

Environmental models
What Are the benefits of running environmental models across the cloud? EVO is investigating what are the benefits and potential trade-offs in running a range of environmental models in the cloud compared with more traditional approaches to environmental modelling. 

Research resources
EVO aims to support your research by providing information on cloud computing for environmental researchers, as well as quick and easy access to a variety of research resources such as links to publications, existing environmental data sets and models, and other useful web resources.

Request for exemplars
EVO is always looking to extend the range of cloud enabled web services and tools that it can provide. EVO would like to hear from environmental scientists who are developing or would like to develop cloud-enabled services. Please get in touch if you think you can help.

Other NERC resources
EVO is a Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) funded pilot project. NERC science is delivered through the strategic NERC science themes, supported by research programme funding, and through unrestricted responsive mode funding.

NERC has a network of data centres that provide support and guidance in data management to those funded by NERC, are responsible for the long-term curation of data, and provide access to NERC’s data holdings. For more information about NERC data visit the NERC Data Centres website.