Bees care home care services are tailored to each service user needs and choices. All service users are treated with equality, respect and dignity whilst delivering care. Our aim is to deliver person centred care with compassion and affection to develop a positive relationship with all our service users.


Personal care

Tasks such as personal care can be very difficult if you suffer from a type of illness or you’re at an age where doing these tasks are can be very tricky. We provide fully trained Care staffs who are experienced in helping all kinds of people with different types of illnesses. We provide a safe and comfortable service in which service users will and dignity is respected and maintained at all times. We however strongly promote and help the service user to try and maintain their independence as much as possible.

Meal preparation

For some people preparing a healthy meal for yourself may be a very difficult task. At beescare we promote healthy eating. All our staff knows the importance of a healthy diet and will advice the service user according to ensure they have a delicious meal which is healthy and meets the requirements of a service user.

At Bees care we promote independence and therefore allow the service user to prepare their meals on their own up until they ask to be assisted as they are unable to do so or require that extra bit of help.



 Managing medication can be a difficult task for many people especially if you are very ill. Our trained staffs are able to help you with your medications by assisting you with the correct dose at the correct times. They are also available to discuss any health needs which you may have and can assist you by making appointments with the relevant healthcare professionals. If you require any assistants in attending these appointments this can also be arranged.

Accompanying to GP and hospital visits

 If you feel you need to go and see a healthcare provider i.e GP, walk-in Centres or the hospital, our trained staff can arrange this for you at your convenience.

Shopping and outings

 Sometimes being indoors can lead to lacking in confidence in mixing with other people. At Bees care we provide days out and shopping trips of service user who wish to get that bit of fresh air. Even if you just want to go for a stroll in park, meet a friend, go for a cuppa coffee or even just get your nails done . Our trained staff will meet all the requirements needed to make your shopping or day out visit a joyful day for you.

House keeping

We provide flexible domestic support as required by the service user. Our staff will respect the service users requirements and preferences.

Below are a few examples of the domestic services we can provide to the service user. Please note that jobs like window cleaning or blocked drains etc can only be carried out but professional bodies not by our staff as they are not trained to do so. However if an event like this was to occur we can call out the right person to do the job for you.

  • Cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Polishing
  • General domestic duties
  • Laundry
  • Ironing



 We will arrange to provide help with day to day Laundary.

Socialising and activities

 Our team at Bees Care would be more than happy to take the service user with the consent of the family to do different activities weather it be in the comfort of their own house or outside the house. This can range from walks in the park to craft activities to baking in your kitchen. All the necessary requirements will be arranged so that the service user has a safe and fun to time doing extra activities.

Living in care

All our Care Staff is highly trained to provide the care which is required from them. We have trained staff in different areas of care that are available to care for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as required.
Upon taking up this type of care we will do a very carefully planned care plan with yourselves so that we may provide the correct member of staff who has the ability and training to care for you in the correct way. We will make sure the care worker is able to correctly provide all your needs how you want them.



Even tough looking after a loved one is very rewarding sometimes we do require a break and be able to do things which we are not able to because we have no one to look after our loved one. At Bees care we can prove respite care for your loved one as you require so that you may have that break you were always wanting.

We will provide the care exactly as you would normally do with your loved one so that you may be rest assured on your break.

This care will be carefully planned with yourselves and the service user so that we can make sure we provide all the correct service from our trained staff.


Emergency care

 Bees Care welcomes Emergency Care. We are able to provide carers as need in an emergency.