Our Network – Superfast, Resilient & Diverse

At TEI-C , our network can take any locally available circuit technology and aggregate multiple internet connections together to present a single, resilient internet connection to any business in the UK.

Bonded internet connectivity solutions from TEI-C are delivered via our carrier diverse private network, contention free with multiple peering points, multiple data centres supporting a virtualised core bonding infrastructure with resilient network gateways and IP transit links.

Delivering Cross-Bonded ADSL Solutions

With years of experience, TEI-C have been at the forefront of the development of bonded ADSL. We were first to deploy a fully resilient, virtualised core infrastructure for true High Availability, and first to deliver cross bonded ADSL & SDSL solutions.

Carrier Diverse Network with the Latest Broadband

We can bond any broadband technology through our private network with diverse carrier backhaul to give your business the bandwidth it needs, using the fastest and most stable connections available. Bond ADSL2+ Annex M with Fibre to the Cabinet and utilise the newest next generation services to boost your connectivity. Organisations that depend on their internet connectivity trust TEI-C for their bonded ADSL.

Stable Contention Free Bonded ADSL Connections

Bonding ADSL links together is what TEI-C do, and we do it for some of the world’s largest companies. Some mass market bonded ADSL solutions have the potential to double latency and introduce instability. Don’t risk slow internet for your business at peak times of the day. The TEI-C bonded ADSL solution has been engineered differently. A private, low latency, contention free network is used to deliver each bonded ADSL solution. The result is very stable bonded ADSL connectivity, regardless of your location.

Massive Throughput, No Limits

Bonded ADSL solutions from TEI-C are delivered with no throughput limits, no metering and no bandwidth tariffs. What use is a fast bonded ADSL connection if you are financially penalised for using the speed you have at your disposal? As providers of fully managed bonded ADSL solutions to demanding users, TEI-C understand that you need to be able to use your bonded ADSL connection to do the heavy lifting.

True Resiliency with Instant Adaptive Failover

Bonded ADSL from TEI-C delivers true in-built resilience. Our private network delivery model delivers a public IP range to all customers. Public IP addresses are fully routed through the network and applied to the bonded link as a whole rather than residing in a single link. The result is genuine resilience between multiple ADSL tails on site, with absolutely seamless failover. In the event of a single link within the bonded ADSL solution developing a fault, the solution will continue to pass traffic over the other links. No intervention is necessary and there is no failover delay or service interruption. Service blips and line faults are ironed out thanks to our superior bonded ADSL infrastructure. Find out more about how your business could benefit from TEI-C Bonded ADSL solutions, call to speak to a bonded ADSL expert.

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