Final Report

The EVOp Final Report is available for download. It includes an executive summary and detailed descriptions of each work package.

This comprehensive document describes the outputs of the project, the challenges and barriers that were overcome, and the opportunities that now exist to go from a pilot study to a fully operational Environmental Virtual Observatory.

FR_front_coverIt is available for download in high resolution (22Mb) and low resolution (3Mb), and as individual sections.

The document should be cited as –

Emmett, B.A., Gurney, R.J., McDonald, A.T., Blair, G., Buytaert, W., Freer, J., Haygarth, P., Johnes, P.J., Rees, G.H., Tetzlaff, D., Afgan, E., Ball, L. A., Beven, K., Bick, M., Bloomfield, J. B., Brewer, P., Delve, J., El-khatib, Y., Field, D., Gemmell, A.L., Greene, S., Huntingford, C., Mackay, E., Macklin, M.V., Macleod, K., Marshall, K., Odoni, N., Percy, B. J., Quinn, P.F., Reaney, S., Stutter, M., Surajbali, B., Thomas, N.R., Vitolo,C., Williams, B.L., Wilkinson, M., Zelazowski, P. (2014). Environmental Virtual Observatory Pilot Final Report . Natural Environment Research Council (UK). NE/I002200/1.

Complete report

EVO Final Technical Report (High resolution, 22Mb, images at 300dpi)

EVO Final Technical Report (Low resolution, 3Mb, images at 96dpi)


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Any questions on this report should be directed to the EVO Project Manager.