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EVO is producing examples of a range of web services and applications to address a variety of environmental issues. To help you find your way to the most relevant pages, please follow one of the links.

Policy Makers & Regulators

EVO is working with Defra, the Environment Agency and others to demonstrate how policy makers and environmental regulators can better access and interrogate environmental data in the context of environmental policy and regulation.


EVO is developing standards for data exchange and ensuring data security to enable industry to have the best environmental data to inform bussiness planning and decision making.

Public and Communities

EVO is not only working to produce examples of how you can get information about your local environment, but it is working to show how data and information can be used to inform local decision making.


EVO is producing examples of web-enabled tools for environmental researchers, and is looking for examples of new data sets or models that could be added to the growing list of exemplars.


If you are interested in the EVO, call us to discuss ideas for articles, features and programmes on any of the environmental subjects, or cloud technology applications that EVO is developing.