Information for Policy Makers and Regulators

Policy makers and regulators require the best scientific evidence, up to date information, and effective tools to help them make the right decisions on environmental issues. EVO, along with partners from government and the Environment Agency, is developing a series of exemplars of how cloud computing technology can be used best to support and enhance the decision making process.

Best scientific evidence
Policy makers and environmental regulators need reliable evidence. Data and information often needs to be collected from a variety of sources and assessed in a consistent manner. Cloud technologies offer the potential to significantly enhance the efficiency of such data collection, assimilation and analysis tasks. Along with stakeholders, through the development of data management services EVO is assessing the advantages offered by working with environmental data in the Cloud. 

Analytical tools for informed decision making
In addition to a sound evidence base, many policy and regulatory processes associated with environmental issues benefit from the use of environmental models and tools. Cloud technologies can provide services and functionalities not available through the use of more traditional environmental models and decision-support tools. EVO is working to develop a number of exemplar model services to illustrate these benefits of cloud technologies.

Public communication
Cloud-based web services are an ideal way to communicate policy and regulation. They can be used to capture valuable information, inform the public and local communities, and encourage and enable involvement in decision making processes. Using cloud-based tools, EVO is working with local communities in selected catchments to demonstrate how the community can be better informed about, and more involved with local decisions regarding the environment.