Avast/Piriform has finally responded to CCleaner 5.45 active monitoring issue and said they’re working to separate Active Monitoring and heartbeat in CCleaner UI in upcoming weeks and control will be given to users in configuring them individually.

What happened?

Avast Software has released CCleaner 5.45 by integrating heartbeat (anonymous analytics) feature that sends CCleaner usage stats to Avast servers for every 12 hours. Avast claims they use this feature to deliver quick bug fixes and product improvements. and says the information gathered is non-personal and non-identifiable. This is one Privacy concern, other is the setting to opt out from data collection has been removed in CCleaner free version privacy Settings.

One more to add is Active Monitoring which alerts when new CCleaner Update available is can’t be disabled, user either have to kill the CCleaner processes or disable application startup item. The latter worked for us, but not for other users.

CCleaner’s Active Monitoring and heartbeat will be separated and configurable in future

CCleaner active monitoring and heartbeat to be seperated

Avast says they’ve combined heartbeat with Active Monitoring feature, though they’re different functions but both will work under same mechanism. Now the company is working to separate them and will rename advanced monitoring features to make their rolls clear.

“After listening to your feedback, we have reviewed how this feature has been implemented and agree that there are areas for improvement. We’re currently working on separating Active Monitoring and the heartbeat in CCleaner’s interface so you can configure each function individually, according to your needs. We will take the opportunity to rename the advanced monitoring features in CCleaner to make their function clearer.”

If you’re annoyed about CCleaner Active monitoring in version 5.45, the developer suggests to close all processes via Task Manager, which is not the ideal solution.

I’m using CCleaner v5.45. Why is Active Monitoring still on when I have switched it off?

Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

So what do you say now? Are you still using CCleaner after all the privacy related reporting, monitoring issues? Let us know in the comments.