Success Stories

I had no idea how much dating had changed since my divorce! I felt a little rusty. Martine Friedman and the staff at Face to Face Charleston really prepared me to dive back into the dating scene with great results. Susan, Isle of Palms, SC

I was a successful professional but I had let my personal life go. With Face to Face Charleston, I found a way to fit dating quality women into my busy life. My matchmaker is like my personal concierge. She takes care of my personal life while I take care of business. I was skeptical at first, but now I have to say I trust her screening process better than my own. After a couple of great coaching sessions, I was able to meet my match with the help of Face to Face Charleston’s personal presentation program. Rob, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Without Martine’s expert advice and matchmaking experience, I might have missed finding my husband.

After finally leaving a long term relationship that wasn’t working for me, I had decided it was time to get back on the horse and was actually already seeing two men. I wanted Martine to meet both of them and get her advice. Much to my surprise, she didn’t feel either one was even close to what I needed.

Martine suggested that she take me out and show me the type of guy she thinks would be right for me.

So one Friday evening we met for drinks at Chai’s and she pointed to this tall good looking guy and said, “He’s the kind of guy I’m talking about.” A few moments later he came over and they started talking, then she introduced him to me. 10 minutes later the matchmaker was gone, and my future husband and stayed and got to know each other. We were married in May 2011! Kirsten, Charleston, SC

As part of her matchmaking service, Martine explained that she also offers “dating coaching” because there are things we may not be aware of keeping us from getting the result we want. During our first coaching session, she went through a full analysis of what I did, how I spent my time, what happened when I met someone. Because I am a web designer, I spend a lot of time on my computer. Just as if she was coaching a sales rep or an executive, she developed a plan for how I could easily converse with people around me. I left her office at 4pm. I went straight over to one of my favorite Charleston bistros to work from my laptop computer. About 10 minutes later, this guy walked up and asked me a question. Usually, I’d have just ignored him, but I heard Martine's training in my head and engaged him in conversation. We started talking and laughing. He asked me out that night and we are still dating to this day! This all happened because I took a risk, learned what was going on and went to a professional who really knew her stuff. Thanks Martine! Sharon, West Ashley, SC

Martine provided me with exactly what she said she would. All the ladies I met were attractive and accomplished and I enjoyed all my dating experiences. It was refreshing to let someone else do all the hard work of sifting through so I was only meeting women who met my requirements. This allowed me the time to really think about what I was looking for and finding the right relationship. I’ve been dating Cathy for a few months now and it’s the best relationship I’ve had so far. Of course, I’m not stupid --she’d kill me if she read this and I said anything else, but really, I wrote it because it’s true. Randy, Folly Beach, SC

I hired someone to find the right woman for me because honestly, I needed the help. It is pretty cool to get a professional perspective on what women want, why they want it and, most of all, how to get what I want out of a relationship. I’m learning. And I’m lovable, so I’m told. I like that my matchmaker is in the kitchen, whipping up her magic brew of samplings while I’m hard at work, and when my phone rings, she has taken care of all the details so I just call Missy and boom! Next thing she and I are grabbing a brew and a bite. And yes, she’s actually realy cute and intelligent too! Harry, Mt. Pleasant, SC

-A letter to Martine-


I wanted to write to you on behalf of Melissa Lewis and myself. Last Friday evening, Melissa and I both attended your function at Bambu. First, we want to say, "Great job!” The event was very professionally planned and orchestrated. Your service provides a comfortable and much needed venue for professionals and business people to meet and get to know one another.

And now, the rest of the story...Melissa and I had an immediate connection with each other. We spent a marvelous evening together culminating in a romantic late night walk on the Battery. Saturday evening together was just as wonderful. Without your efforts we would not have found each other. So, we want to let you know of your success and to say, "Thank you". We wish you the best in Face to Face Charleston. We know your efforts will result in many others finding the happiness Melissa and I are experiencing together.


David Montgomery

-Texts to Martine-

"He was awesome" (enough said) Sandra, Daniel Island, SC

Hi Martine, Susan and I just finished our first date. You are a natural and exceptionally good in this job field. You are right, I do like her values and personality! Mitch, Johns Island, SC

Charleston Dating - Success Stories

Faith renewed

Lana was born and raised in the South, and her desire was to marry a Christian boy and raise a family. Active in her church, she was dating one of the youth ministers for a couple of years. Around Christmas, she had expected to get engaged. But this young man seemed to have a problem making a commitment to her. He didn't seem to know what he wanted. In a very strange turn of events, her boyfriend instead decided to give the ring he bought her to her best friend. Devastated, we helped her to pick up the pieces. I couldn't believe she had any trouble at all meeting great men because she was outgoing, lovely, loved sports and kept stats for the baseball league. Andrew had moved here to Charleston and was working with disadvantaged boys at a counseling center. He was an avid sports enthusiast as well. His quiet strength is a great complement to her vivaciousness and social skills, and they both share a devotion to faith and helping others. When I saw the team pennants all over their first home, I had to smile. Although Lana was a little gun shy at first, Andrew's devotion won her over and within 6 months, he asked her to marry him and she accepted. They were married June 13, 2009.

The Commodore

I met Bob through a mutual friend that he was dating. Bob was an avid sailor, a successful professional with a 25 year career at a Fortune 20 company. He had been married for all of those 25 years, until one day his wife, who owned her own successful business, out of the blue decided she had fallen for a mutual friend of theirs. He was devastated of course. The first person Bob began dating after his divorce was a woman he had met through work.

I noticed that Bob seemed to be a lot more interested in Sue than she was with him. He began to ask for my advice. Although I felt like Bob was the quality kind of man Sue should be dating, she just didn't feel any chemistry. I advised him to see if some could develop, but it was not in the cards. Sue finally broke up with Bob. While Bob was teaching me about lines and navigation, I taught Bob the ropes of dating again, from the ground up. I put a profile together for him, and removed most of the information he had included, and then lined up some suitable dates.

As a successful professional, and the commodore of a yacht club, one would think he'd have lots of opportunities to meet the right quality woman, but it wasn't the case. Everyone in his circle was married. When he did try to date, he targeted the wrong age group, and the wrong type of women. We had to widen the dating pool. After several disastrous "blind" dates he had set up on his own, I suggested we conduct a different kind of search to be more selective so some basic criteria could be met. Now instead of disaster dates, he had interesting dates, and then graduated to dates with serious candidates. Because Bob's entire life was sailing, I knew he needed someone who could share this passion with him. Within 9 months, Bob and Lydia met, hit it off, and after two years of dating, Bob proposed and Lydia accepted. Yes, they did sail into the sunset, and have been happy ever after.


Irving was one of those quirky guys, a friend of my fiancées that just never seemed to date. He was intelligent, funny, tall and Jewish, but didn't have a lot of confidence around women. Donna was adorable, petite, and had an easygoing personality, but also didn't seem to get asked out on dates very often. What they had in common was similar family backgrounds. They each had matriarchal families characterized by mothers with strong personalities, and their fathers had been easygoing.

After fixing them up on a couples date for dinner, they exchanged numbers and began quietly dating. Sadly, about 6 months afterward, Irving's mother passed away. Donna was able to help Irving through this difficult time. This then became a catalyst to develop a strong bond, and I wasn't surprised when about 6 months after that they became engaged.



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