NC Clerk Refuses To Sell Gas To Man Fleeing Hurricane Over Trump Bumper Sticker

As Hurricane Florence continues to pound the Carolinas, people are banding together and helping each other out. But a gas station attendant in Charlotte, North Carolina doesn’t think that the middle of a hurricane is the right time to put his political differences aside and help his fellow Americans — even if they are handing him money.

Marvin Jones, a clerk at a Marathon station in Charlotte, realized that the gas shortage was going to make life difficult for many trying to flee the hurricane. But he wanted to play God, picking and choosing who lives and who dies.

When Earl Hammerschmidt showed up with a nearly-empty tank of gas and 300 miles to drive to his nearest relative’s house, he just wanted to buy some fuel. But instead what he got was discrimination. The local newspaper reports:

Hammerschmidt went inside to pay in advance for the gas when the clerk asked him, “Is that pickup truck yours?”

Hammerschmidt said that it was, when Jones, who is black, remarked, “Those Trump bumper stickers are offensive and racist.” The customer has three pro-Donald Trump stickers on his truck.

“You see that sign on the door that says we can refuse service to anyone,” the clerk asked him. “Well, you’re anyone. Get lost.”

Hammerschmidt left and drove toward the nearest station, but ran out of gas. Now he’s stranded, he tells us. “It just ain’t right to discriminate like that,” he says. “It ain’t right.”

Hammerschmidt contacted the police, but they confirmed that the clerk was within his rights to turn Hammerschmidt away, even if it could potentially condemn him to death.

This is the country Barack Obama built for us. Liberals think it’s OK to decide conservatives deserve to die. And unfortunately, the law is apparently on their side.

It’s time to change these laws to outlaw discrimination.

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